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Interbike 2009 – Mavic – New Ksyrium SL Black, R-Sys Red, DeeMax and More

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INTERBIKE 2009 – Besides the crazy light R-Sys Ultimate and CrossMax Ultimate we’ve already shown, Mavic had new and updated wheels across the range, from downhill to cross country to road.

Shown above is the R-Sys Red, which replaces the original R-Sys wheelset.  It uses round, not bladed, Zircal alloy spokes on the rear drive side and the TraComp composite spokes elsewhere.  Weight is 1390g (590 F / 800 R) and MSRP is $1,400.

Other new and updated models include:

  • R-Sys SL (apparently, the everyman’s wheelset!)
  • Cosmic Carbone SL – now in White
  • Ksyrium SL – now in all Black
  • Aksium Race
  • CrossMax ST Disc
  • CrossMax 29er – new axle options
  • DeeMax Ultimate

Hit ‘more’ to see them all and why you need a set of $2,000 R-Sys SL wheels for your bike…


In case you’re curious, here’s a little info on the R-Sys wheels.  First, “R” is for Roue (Wheel) or Roule (Roll) and “Sys” is for system, as in (duh) Wheel System.  The key difference in R-Sys wheels is that the spokes provide resistance against the rim as well as pulling on the rim, creating a theoretically stiffer wheel.  The inside of the hub (above) shows how the TraComp spokes are held in place.  First, they’re slipped through the holes from the inside, then the silver ring goes in to hold them against the inner rim wall and also provide a platform for the spokes to push against.


So, back to the R-Sys red.  The red hub and red graphics on the rim visually separate it from the new R-Sys SL.  The redesigned TraComp spokes (which we’ve covered in great detail here) are said to be 4x more impact resistant.  Mavic seems adamant that any past mishaps with the new design were isolated, random events and are fully behind the TraComp spoke technology.


The rims are machined out on the spoke surface.  The R-Sys SL version gets the sidewall machining, too.


We showed off the new R-Sys SL from our US Pro Championships coverage, check that post for pics and specs.  They drop 95g from the R-Sys Red model and cost $2,000.  And, they’ll look great on every bicycle!


Perhaps more likely to find themselves on your road bike are the new Mavic Ksyrium SL Black.  The SL is now the top of the line, they’ve done away with the “Premium” version that was only a very minor upgrade with no weight savings.  What’s new is the fact that you can get an all-black version in addition to the one with red rims and a single red spoke.  Very stealthy:

mavic-ksyrium-sl-black-interbike09-03 mavic-ksyrium-sl-black-interbike09-02

Click any image to enlarge.  I’ve been running some Ksyrium SL’s on my road bike for a little over a year and have no complaints.  They weigh in at 1485g (645g F / 840g R) and MSRP for $1,000/set.


The Aksium  Race gets a lighter rim and updated graphics.  It now weighs in at 1795g (830g F / 965g R) and has an MSRP of $270 (black) or $250 (silver).


The Cosmic Carbone SL aero wheels get a new white graphic treatment, otherwise they’re the same.  $1,200 and 1740g/set.


On the other end of the spectrum, Mavic released the new $1,200 DeeMax Ultimate, their new top-of-the-line downhill wheelset.  It’s 95g lighter than the DeeMax ($900).  The weight savings come from a machined rim and lighter hub.  Mavic says the redesign offers a more vertically compliant ride.  Weight is 1965g per set (910g F / 1055g R).

mavic-deemax-ultimate-interbike09-04 mavic-deemax-ultimate-interbike09-02

You can see the machining on the rims, but unlike the road or XC rims, they left a center ridge to improve stiffness (click to enlarge for detail).


For 2010, the C29ssMax 29er wheelset gets new 15mm and 20mm thru-axle options.


A nifty little cap on either end makes swapping from 9mm QR to 15mm axle a simple, tool-free ordeal.  The 20mm axle version is a different hub.


The CrossMax 29er wheels also get a frog graphic.  And an angry frog at that.


The CrossMax ST Disc gets a number of upgrades for 2010.  The rim is lighter, it has new graphics and the hub has been redesigned to be stiffer.  It’s available in either a QR/15mm or 20mm version using the same swappable end caps as the CrossMax 29er.


Rim is lighter, putting the wheelset at 1615g (735g F / 880g R).


MSRP for the CrossMax ST Disc wheelset is $775.

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14 years ago

I love the frog. Very glad to see they’re sticking with it. For whatever reason they decided to do it.

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