Giant has slowly been releasing details about their all new 29’er version of their popular Trance, only to release all the details just after Adam Craig won the US National Super D aboard his pre-production Trance X. Granted, Adam could probably ride the wheels off anything, but winning a National Championship on a bike just before it’s released certainly can’t hurt its street cred.

Initially, the Trance X will be offered in 3 models – all aluminum. We’re sure that there will be some carbon models in the future, just not quite yet. While the Trance X is an extension of the Trance line, the new X is more than just a Trance with some 29’s stuffed in it. Giant claims the Trance X handles exceptionally well thanks to their new “single spar rear swingarm” which allowed them to tuck the rear wheel in tighter, reducing the rear center, and overall wheelbase.

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The National championship Super D course started off with a grueling climb, to be followed with some of Sun Valley’s typically super fast single track with a few rocky sections thrown in for good measure. On paper, it seemed like a great course for 29’ers – as for the result, you can decide for yourself. Adam’s National Championship came just a month after he won the Oregon Enduro on a prototype version of the Trance X as well.

Trance X 29er 0 • Fox 32 Float 29 FIT CTD with QR15 thru-axle, OverDrive 2 tapered steerer suspension fork and Fox Float CTD Boostvalve rear shock • Shimano Deore XT 2x10-speed drivetrain with Deore XT brakes • Giant P-TRX 29er 1 WheelSystem • Color: White/Polished Aluminum/Blue

With the addition of the geometry and rear swing arm changes, the frame sports a few other tweaks in an attempt to gain every bit of stiffness possible. As speculated, all Trance X frames will be equipped with a standard 135mm quick release rear drop out, as Giant feels the one piece swingarm would gain little by the addition of a 142×12 axle, other than weight. Perhaps more controversial than the axle choice, will be the proliferation of Giant’s Overdrive 2 tapered headset and steerer (only on the 0 and 1 models), which will leave consumers looking for compatible 1 1/4″ stems if the fit isn’t right. Adam Craig’s prototype was equipped with a PRO Tharsis stem which to our knowledge isn’t offered in 1.25″ so either Adam’s bike was equipped with a standard 1 1/8″ tapered Fox fork, or PRO is experimenting/working on producing Overdrive 2 compatible stems – we’ll keep you posted on that one.

Other bits include a wider press fit BB – how wide, we’re not sure. We dropped Giant a line to try and find out, but depending on where you look it’s either 86mm, 89.5mm, or 92mm. UPDATE: Giant confirmed that it will feature a BB86 Shimano standard bottom bracket (Sram versions also available). At least we know it will be a press fit design that will fit standard Hollowtech 2 or GXP cranks. Cabling is all external for the shifting, but offers an internal route for the rear brake and the ability to run internally routed dropper posts as well. Suspension is taken care of by Giant’s proven Maestro system providing 5 inches of travel, which all adds up to a medium frame and shock weighing in around 2,760 grams (just over 6 lbs). Geometry sits at a 69 degree head angle with a slack 73 degree seat tube angle.

The launch of the Trance X also coincides with Giant’s launch of their new 29″ trail wheels, the P-TRX 29er 1. P-TRX 29 1s will be standard equipment on the Trance X 0 and feature 28mm wide G69 tubeless ready alloy rims for a total weight of 1,795g per pair.

Trance X 29er 1 • Fox 32 Float 29 CTD with QR15 thru-axle, OverDrive 2 tapered steerer suspension fork and Fox Float CTD Boostvalve rear shock • SRAM X.7/X.9 2x10-speed shifting with Avid Elixir 3 disc brakes • Giant P-XC29er 2 double wall rims, Giant Tracker hubs, DT Swiss Competition spokes wheelset • Color: Black/White/Red


Trance X 29er 2 • RockShox Recon Silver with QR15 thru-axle, OverDrive tapered steerer suspension fork and Rock Shox Monarch rear shock • SRAM X.5/X.7 2x10-speed drivetrain with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes • Giant S-XC29-2 double wall rims, Giant Tracker (QR15) F/ Formula Sealed R hubs, stainless steel spokes wheelset • Color: Black/Silver/Neon Yellow



  1. Chris on

    I’m sorta eyeing the 2, but it’s really going to depend on the price. Giant doesn’t have a history of providing a very good spec for the money they ask for. This however is the bike i’ve been waiting for. I love the Trance geometry and now that it’s a 29er, i’m even more excited to ride it. Enough that I can look past the fairly gaudy paint.

  2. Jimbo Rawson on

    @Chris… Not sure where you are from… but spec for the dollar and the best Maestro suspension IS exactly what Giant is known for.

    I can not wait for the 0 to come out in the U.S.


  3. weaksauce on

    That seat tube angle is wack on a bike like this. Of course this is only one of the many compromises needed when designing a full suss 29er. Don’t drink the kool-aid!

  4. Sevo on

    Chris-Jimbo is dead on. Giant’s got the best bang for the buck out there in the big leagues. Some smaller companies may beat it by a hair, but their suspension designs are lacking. Maestro is tough to beat and I put it up with Specialized, DW, VPP, and APB bikes. Slight differences between each are really more personal preference in those arena’s.

  5. Guy on

    I Love my Trance X and appreciate Giants ability to design a platform that consistently works well through all of their FS models. Bang for the buck has always been on par with their competition coupled with an extremely well designed suspension platform, and I’m willing to make a compromise on a part or two if a bike just simply rides better. I can also attest to Overdrive 2 being tangibly stiffer on the front end of their road bikes and there will be aftermarket companies jump on board to offer more stem options for 2013. Bottom line this should be a bike that competes with others jumping on the longer travel 29er bandwagon. The cons should be outweighed by the pros. Every bike manufacturer is going to have some shortfalls of course and Giant is as guilty as the rest; but they’ve done a fine job by me on prioritizing the things that matter when I’m on the trail.

  6. Topmounter on

    I don’t know how well it’s showing up on their bottom line, but I really like what Giant has been doing in recent years. They’re the only one of the “Big 3” LBS brands that I recommend to friends and family (assuming the fit & feel is right for them of course).

  7. Bjorn Naylor on

    Unbelievable how people can tell how a bike will ride by a picture. Internet trolls/digital mob/peanut gallery spouting complete tripe. And the claim as to Giant being overpriced is such a complete load of bollocks it almost doesn’t warrant consideration. I have been selling them for 18 years and they offer unparalleled value in the marketplace. Pshaw!!! Volley from the front row.

  8. Tim O on

    Shame about the Overdrive II head tube… Aside from stem hassles, it means being stuck with a fork that nobody will want when it comes time to replace or upgrade the OE model. Adam Craig doesn’t seem to be suffering from the lack of additional stiffness.

    Came *this* [indicates tiny space] close to buying a Women’s Trance for my 5’2 girlfriend and then realized that I wouldn’t easily be able to replace the fork. It’s a shame, too- the Trance is a great riding bike.

  9. Alex on

    As a taller rider who has owned multiple Knolly’s I can safely say I will never buy a pedal-oriented bike with a seat tube that slack. For DH bikes it’s not a big deal but on a bike like the Trance it’ll be nearly impossible to keep my center of gravity in the right place. Ultra-slack seat tubes work for medium people but are a huge compromise for everyone else.

  10. Fragglepussthechaste on

    Besides the OD2 I’m totally digging this bike. After riding the Anthem X 29er frameset built up with nice bits from scratch-minus any OD2 bs, the bike is absolutely amazing. To me this looks like a longer travel version of an already great bike and the Maestro suspension just works really, really well. As soon as framesets are available I’ll be buying one.

  11. Remy on

    Honestly I like slack seat tubes, means I don’t have to run my seat all the way back in my 20mm offset post. I pedal better sitting further back, more comfortable to sit on and the front washes out a little bit less than usual.

  12. jack mowatt on

    yea i think this is a game changer i have a anthem advance and reign but when this shows up the others will be for sale. giant is the bomb on pricing .sorry chris but u cant beat the spec on giants..

  13. Chris30 on

    Just have a question….I’ve got money in hand for either the 1 or 0. Is the 0 worth the jump in price from the 1? Opinions?


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