Jones Bikes Tools up Their own Plus & Fat Bike Fenders, Made in the USA!

Ashland Oregon’s Jones Bikes is stepping up to replace their fender vendor (see what I did there?). The goal? To make their own Jones Fender Blanks for tire sizes from 3.8″ to 4.8″. These fenders can be bought as blanks with separate, specific-size black fender stays or silver adjustable stays to fit your bike, allowing for a more custom fit with little modification needed.

107mm Jones Fender with frame bag

Photo c. Jones Bikes

After losing their fender supplier, and taking a few years looking for a new one, Jones Bikes were never able to find a good replacement for them. Jeff had fenders on his bikes but wanted to stock some, as they were constantly getting requests from customers.

Jones Bikes black fender blanks

Tired of searching, Jones Bikes decided to just buy the tooling and molds for the fenders and are getting them made by the same USA fabrication company that made them before.

The Jones Fender Blanks are made from “tough, light, and durable ABS” so they are supposed to be very resistant to impact damage or cracking.

They want you to know that they don’t have complete fender kits, sets, or installation instructions yet. But they do have the fender blanks and some of the original fender stays in stock now.

The black stays (above) are said to be the last of the basic 15″ and 16″ fender stays that were made by Jones Bikes’ original fender maker.

  • Made from aluminum and painted black
  • Available in 15″ or 16″ lengths
  • These are said to fit well on Jones bikes and “other bikes”
  • May need some bending, cutting, and drilling for the best fit

The silver stays (above) are said to be the last of the adjustable stays made by Jones Bikes’ original fender maker.

  • Made from aluminum and fully adjustable with M5 stainless steel bolts and washers
  • One size, adjustable. Min 12″ and max 17″
  • Bare aluminum silver
  • These are said to fit well on Jones bikes and “other bikes”
  • May need some bending, and drilling for the best fit

Jones Bikes black fender rear mounted

They are planning to offer complete fender sets that will be ready to install on your Jones Bike. These fenders will fit other bikes as well, but Jones states that they will “require fitting, measuring, drilling, cutting, deburring, some hardware, and a secure installation to be safe and effective”.

Sizes and weights

Fit and Pricing

These fenders are said to be perfect for 29 Plus / 29″x3″, 27.5 Plus / 27.5″x3″, and fat bikes.


  • 3.8″ & 4.2″ Front fender blank: $80
  • 3.8″ & 4.2″ Rear fender blank: $105
  • 4.8″ Front fender blank: $160
  • 4.8″ Rear fender blank: $185
  • 15″ Fender Stays fixed – each: $35
  • 16″ Fender Stays fixed – each: $35
  • Fender Stays adjustable – each: $70

Order your Jones Bikes Fenders, or get more info at the link below.

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15 days ago

415$ for a 4,8″ set of plastic fenders? You can by a proper bike for that price. That is ridiculous.

14 days ago
Reply to  blablabla


14 days ago
Reply to  LemondRider

You didn’t count in the stays for 35$ each.

Tom Jones
Tom Jones
14 days ago

Seems like they would be useless. Too close to the tire for riding in slush or sticky snow as they will plug up. And not low enough in the front to keep water off your feet when it rains. And thats a pretty important on with big wide tires!

In the early fat bike days I saw a guy who cut strips out of a plastic drum and it worked quite well.

14 days ago
Reply to  Tom Jones

Yeah, the tire clearance sucks. As for the front fender – You can always add a mud flap. it’s a better solution since those are usually flexible so no risk of breaking the fender on a rock, or by shoe interference.

However the rear fender is too short – gonna spray water and dirt on people riding behind.

The Truth
The Truth
14 days ago

I don’t want to ask how much the zip ties are that attach it to the fork. Funk that! Just get them made in Asia like his frames and forks are.

8 days ago

Interesting. Ashland isn’t a place where you typically need fenders…almost never, in fact.