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K-Edge Mounts Up GoPro Cams, Removes Excuses for Not Putting Di2 On Your Mountain Bike & More!

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We just saw K-Edge at DealerCamp in July, but they’ve been busy since.

First up, we like GoPro. In fact, we just picked up a second unit so we can make some 3D vids. But their handlebar mounts leave something to e desired. K-Edge’s new Go-Big Mounts are that something. Above, the handlebar mount can hold the camera above or below it and mounts to a 31.8 diameter bar.

They’ve got a seat rail mount, too, and lots of other new goodies, right after the break…



They’ve updated the top pieces on their BB-mounted chain catchers to work with 2×10 cranksets and 2x systems with bash guards on triples. These are plastic prototypes, but they’ll be metal. The lower (silver) piece is the anti-chainsuck nub.


They’ve also updated the range of cyclocross chain catchers for singlespeed and geared set ups, increasing the range of mounting and gear options. Here’s one on the bike:



When we talked to them at DealerCamp about the increased availability of the Ki2 conversion kit, they mentioned that they were working with various manufacturers to put together some show bikes but had to work around front derailleur mounting issues. Specifically that a lot of modern suspension frames use some fashion of direct mount front mechs and the original Ki2 FD mount was for round tubes only.


No more. They now have two direct mount options. So there goes that excuse.

Now, about that price. Never fear, they’re already hard at work developing a kit for the new Ultegra Di2. Your excuses are fading fast…

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Alex Kraemer
Alex Kraemer
12 years ago

Excuses are fading fast, except for that little detail called the $4000 price tag for the groupset…

12 years ago

Kudos to K-Edge on filling that niche for the GoPro mounts!… I’ve been using an Exposure Lights bracket & cleat with the GoPro tripod adapter. The one advantage to the Exposure Lights setup is the quick release, it’s rock solid, and swapping cameras across bikes is a 2 second affair. The K-Edge front mount clamp looks like it screws the top and bottom plates together? I see picking up that seatpost one for sure…

12 years ago

I was able to run both mounts at CrossVegas that night. Both are very solid and worth every penny. The seatpost mount is very, very well thought out and the view is awesome without cluttering the lower portion of the seat tube.

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