If you’ve got a smaller bike or a full suspension frame that makes it difficult to use a regular water bottle cage, the new King Cage Side Loader Cage gives you a versatile new option for cramming a bottle in there.

Using 3/2.5 titanium tubing, and still made in the USA like all of their cages, it uses a broader baseplate with multiple holes to let you mount it at various angles. This lets you position the opening more to the left or right, or even keep it centered.

king cage side loader water bottle cage for left or right side water bottle removal

The design is different than typical side-loading cages in that you’ll still pull the bottle up and out, rather than out to the side. So, you may still need a bit more clearance toward the top of the bottle, but the low-ish retention loop should allow for a mostly lateral bottle removal.

We’re thinking it may just make bottle removal a little more ergonomic on regular sized and shaped bikes, too. Retail is $65.00, available direct. Weight is just 35g.


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