Lazer adds deluxe package for O2 helmet, tech upgrades for Z1


For 2016, the Lazer O2 adds DLX to its name, indicating a “deluxe” treatment for the asking price. It comes with more than an upgraded name, getting a matching cycling cap, both standard foam and aqua-gel pads, CappucinoLock and their Aeroshell cover. Available in two black colors, choose between red or white graphics. Retail is €139.95 / $140.00 / £99.99, giving you a lot of brain bucket for the buck.

If you’re looking for more tech than deluxe, the Z1 added compatibility for the LifeBEAM optical heartrate monitoring system and more. Or, rather, the gadgets added compatibility for the Z1…


At Eurobike, Lazer showed off a Z1 with all sorts of hop-up kits, including the UCI approved LifeBEAM Heart Rate Monitor and the LED Mudcap with flashing taillight. To make it work with LifeBEAM, that brand modified their system to make it smaller and more portable, opening the door to more universal fitment in the future regardless of which helmet you use. That said, the Z1 is a pretty darn good looking helmet.

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6 years ago

I got a Lazer Z1 last season and I love it!…>Glad to see they’re coming out with even more versions of it for next year…. the new colour ways and the MIPS option are awesome!

6 years ago

How’s that lid for being able to stick a pair of sunglasses through the vents? The vents look a bit too close together

6 years ago

Its not bad actually!…. Not the best I’ve owned for that, but it still holds my Oakley (JawBones and JawBreakers) just fine!