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LeMond Fitness Introduces Power Pilot Computer for Revolution Trainer

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LeMond Fitness has introduced the Power Pilot computer to accompany their Revolution Trainer.

Computer measures cadence, elapsed time, heart rate (using your own ANT+ piece), estimated calories burned and virtual speed in addition to watts. For power, it can show average watts, max watts and current output. There’s a backlight for riding in dark rooms, too.

It use an ANT+ sensor and transmitter that bolts onto the Revolution and combines data on speed, temperature, altitude, humidity and torque on the flywheel to determine power output. Brand rep Eric Stobin says it has a +/- 3% accuracy, about the same as other high end power meters.


If you already have an ANT+ power meter (cranks, pedals, etc), the Power Pilot will transfer workout data to your other computer so you can keep all your workout data together, however, it won’t read power data directly from other power measurement devices. The reason is that all power measurement data is crunched within the head unit after getting the data from the trainer’s transmitter. That said, the head unit transmits “.fit” data wirelessly that can be picked up by other ANT+ devices able to read that protocol. Product designer Matt Hill says he’s running his to a Wahoo Fitness dongle on an iPad to have a larger screen up in front of him.

It includes an ANT+ cadence sensor and both handlebar and front tire mounts, the latter in case you already have too many devices on your bar and stem.

Available now, retail is $439. Trainer with cassette is $659, $579 without. A Campy adapter is $69. Buy it all as a system and get it for $1,049 or $979 as a system all together.

Data can be put into Training Peaks by way of Device Agent. They do not have their own program, and they haven’t played with pumping it into Strava yet but they’re looking at it. The firmware is constantly updated and can be downloaded (along with uploading your info) via USB.

It’ll hold quite a few workouts, but thu recommend downloading it frequently to avoid having a massive file from weeks of workouts. It uses AA batteries and should last for months. Buy rechargeables.

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12 years ago

Wow. That’s huge. Hope they took corrosive sweat into account and made that thing a bit resistant to water. I sweat all over my Edge 500 but I don’t worry so much because it’s water proof. My prediction: it’ll short out faster than that fantastic button on the Ipod Shuffle headphones.

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