Plug in your GPS device and gain new features. Pretty cool, right? That’s one of the advantages of modern electronics, where firmware updates can make it feel like a new device. Case in point, Lezyne’s Year 10 and newer GPS devices (2017-2019) will gain two new features with the latest update.

With a free firmware update to the GPS and update to their Companion Smartphone App, their newest GPS units will gain Relive and komoot functionality. While both programs include paid subscriptions, they also each offer a free version of the platform to get a feel for things with the option to upgrade to unlock all of the features. The updates to the GPS units themselves will require you to head to the Lezyne GPS root updater, plug in your device to the computer, and download and install the update. The app update can be found in the app store for your respective phone.



Relive is a way to re-live your ride with an animated 3D video along with any photos or videos taken during the ride. With the new updates, the information captured by the GPS head unit is uploaded to the GPS Ally phone app or GPS Root website where you can create your Relive video which can be done automatically or manually.


Komoot is a planning and navigational tool and community that is quickly growing – now past 10 million users worldwide. Once you plan your next adventure on komoot, you’ll be able to upload it to your Lezyne GPS device through the Ally Phone App. Once your GPS has the file, you’ll have turn-by-turn directions with a navigational trail overlay on the map in compatible devices.

The updates are available now, and the tutorials above will guide you through the process of using each new feature.


  1. PNW2020 on

    This is rad! My Super Pro has been great and it was cheaper than anything else I was considering. Other than Garmin’s Proclimb, I can’t think of much that my Lezyne won’t do that others will. Outstanding!

  2. MikeFromLFE on

    It’s all very nice but only if you’ve got access to a Windows or Mac PC – increasing numbers of us are reliant on Chromebooks (or Linux) and there’s no support for these from Lezyne.


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