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Lightskin NACA Road headlight illuminates new aero gains

lightskin naca profile aerodynamic bicycle head light
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Filed under “why hasn’t anybody done this before” is the beautiful new NACA Road headlight from Lightskin. Developed with a quasi-NACA airfoil shape, the light is designed to minimize drag.

More importantly, its advanced optical design draws on automotive headlamp tech to perfectly light up the road ahead of you with a beam pattern that ensures high visibility at high speeds. But first, the aerodynamics…

lightskin naca profile aerodynamic road bike headlight

Using a standard two-prong GoPro style mount, it attaches underneath any compatible out-front mount (like the K-Edge MAX or KOM’s Quick Release mount).

What’s important about this particular light’s design is that it is intentionally made for mounting in this position, whereas every other headlamp we’ve seen with a GoPro-style mount is effectively mounted upside down. While many lights use a generally round reflector, some are shaped for placement on top of the handlebars…either way, none of them are emitting a beam pattern that’s optimized for under-the-bar mounting.

lightskin naca profile aerodynamic road bike headlight spec sheet

With a minimal 0.267 coefficient of drag and reasonable 160g weight, it won’t slow you down. In fact, it might actually help you go faster…once it gets dark.

lightskin naca profile aerodynamic road bike headlight beam pattern on ground

Using a custom reflector with automotive-grade projector and lens, it emits a bright white 520 lumen (52 lux) light in its highest output mode. The top of the light cuts off at a sharp line, giving you maximum brightness at the farthest point from the bike. This helps you clearly see what’s coming up, so you can ride faster without being surprised because you didn’t see that pothole or road kill until the last second.

As the light gets closer to your bike, it becomes more diffused and dimmer to prevent being distracted by stuff that’s too close to react to anyway. This also means it won’t overly illuminate your front tire, which can also be distracting.

lightskin naca profile aerodynamic road bike headlight with gps cycling computer installed above it

The light is actually designed to be mounted under a GPS cycling computer, relying on that to block the rider’s view of the top of the light.

lightskin naca profile aerodynamic road bike headlight with glare reduction shield installed

If you were to just mount the light without a computer above it, pop the shield cover into place to prevent it from distracting you. But it does get slightly less aerodynamic with that installed.

The backside is covered with a rubber flap that protects the USB-C charging port from rain and spray. It’ll accept a 2A charger for quick charging, or plug it into a battery pack or dynamo while riding for longer run times. Depending on which of the five modes you choose, output ranges from 140 lumens to 540 lumens, with run times from 1.3 to 6.8 hours.

Retail price will be $275 when it starts shipping in December 2021, preorders are open now.

Lightskin micro headlamp & integrated handlebar/seatpost lights

lightskin smallest dynamo powered bicycle headlights

Lightskin also makes the U2 mini light, which they say is one of the smallest, lightest headlights you can put on your bike. At just 25g, it’s too light to be bothered by bumps and vibrations, so it’s more likely to remain aimed where you set it.

Two options are available, one dynamo powered, and one that needs to be plugged into an external source (like an e-bike’s battery or power system). They can be mounted from the top or bottom, too, giving you more options for placement. MSRP ranges from $99 to $119, available in December 2021.

lightskin bicycle handlebar with integrated tail lights

The H2 handlebar series comes in black and silver with flat, riser, and city shapes. Multiple widths are available in some models, too. The integrated headlight puts out 150 lumens and you can get versions that are dynamo powered, that plug into an ebike or battery pack, or have a self-contained USB-C rechargable battery inside.

lightskin bicycle seatpost with integrated tail lights

The S311 seatposts provide rear lighting, giving you five LEDs with three sitting flush with the post, and the top two brighter lights protruding slightly to provide side visibility. You can run all five, or limit it to the lower three, depending on local regulations about side lighting.


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2 years ago

That LED seatpost design has been produced a number of times by various companies, but this is the first time I’m seeing an aftermarket option available. If it came in carbon it (for comfort) it would be a major contender.

Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot
2 years ago

That’s a lot of pesos for a very specific niche need, seems like a solution in search of the problem. Double the output and have it run while charging and I could see it being a good fit for ultra endurance racing.

2 years ago

I love the form factor. I love the beam cutoff. Super stoked to see lighting companies utilize the Go Pro mount. I’m curious about justifying such a low output and run time. Half a watt of drag at 45km/hr has got to be a bit better than most lights, but a 520 lumen max at higher speed is not great. Especially for 1.3 hours. The 400 lumens at 2 hours isn’t either. Maybe it’s just a light to keep on constantly and only use at the end of a ride when days are getting shorter? Options (with good optics, pass through charging and decent mounting) have been out for years with 2-3 years with at least twice the power and run time at under half the price.

I am definitely rooting for smaller companies and am incredibly impressed with the Outbound Lighting Trail EVO that I just put on my MTB for nearly the same cost. I just can’t see the justification for this asking price on this light unless the entire premise is aero drag. If so, they need to quantify it against competitors. ‘Saves ** watts at 45km/hr against these lights’ and maybe do a price comparison of other popular watt saving things like wheels. Lord knows that I have spent a lot of money to shed aero watts on my go-fast bikes.

2 years ago

Besides the “aero” shaping, this light is not impressive at all. I think they’ve got a funny set of priorities for a front light. Only the beam shaping and intentional inverted mount operation are of any use, but the lack of longevity and ultimate output are failing for a new front light in 2021 at this price.

Bert Douma
Bert Douma
2 years ago

Not really a impressive lamp, I myself have been using this for a while, gives a lot of light (1000 lumen), costs a fraction and comes with GoPro mount! Also the piece with the lens can turned 180 degrees.


Michael Van Geertruy
Michael Van Geertruy
5 months ago

Bought this light too. Love the aero shape of it. And if they work, they do a great job. I can even ride in pitch black with it. The beam shape is very nice
Yet, my first one broke after a few months. Luckily, a recall was issued by the factory so I got a new one. Yet, that one has the same issues as the previous one, and also broke after a few months. The problem is that they cannot handle water, even with the plastic lid at the back closed all the time. You really see the USB connector corroding after a few weeks, and water vapour starts to appear at the inside of the front lens. Shortly after, the indicator leds die and the battery cannot be charged anymore. I can still use the light though, but only with an external battery connected to it. Which is very sad for such an expensive light. Sad because I was a fan about the design, and wouldn’t even mind to pay the extra price.

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