How do you make your suspension forks more supple and smooth? If you’re MRP, you switch to a new, brown piston material they’re calling ChocoLUXE. They’ve also upgraded to Norglide bushings, making everything slide much easier on the inside of the fork.

ChocoLUXE is also more “dimensionally stable”, which is their fancy way of saying it won’t expand and contract as much with temperature swings, so the forks’ performance should be more consistent throughout your ride, too.

how does MRP make their forks smoother

ChocoLUXE replaces the black Delrin material used throughout the fork (check their sign for all the spots it’s used…basically any sliding surface inside the damper and air spring). Combine that with the new Norglide bushings and they say it has 37% less friction than their first generation forks. See it in action in this video:

You’ll find these updates in all of their 2020 forks, including the lightweight Ribbon SL trail fork, which are shipping now. Combine this with the new Ramp Control Cartridge Pro they showed at Sea Otter and you’ve got a slippery fork that’s highly customizable.

what sizes does the MRP Hazzard coil spring come in

The MRP Hazzard coil shock was introduced last year, and now it gains a lot of new sizes. The most requested was a 185×50 trunnion mount, and they’ve delivered, along with plenty more options.

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