Officially called the T-LAB R3 – Co-Lab Edition, this new bike started out as a custom mashup of the bike brand’s titanium road and cyclocross bikes. At the request of Bryan Davis, Senior Director of Design Innovation at Burton Snowboards and avid cyclist, and inspired by the ‘terroir’ in Vermont, the bike will fit 700×32 or 650×42 wheel-tire combinations. So, not quite an aggressive gravel bike, but certainly not a mild-mannered roadie, either. While the silver Burton-themed model will only be available to that brand’s employees, the good news is this revised endurance/rough road geometry has become an official option in the T-Lab catalog called Omni-Road.

Pictured here is the special Burton collab finish showing it with the 700×32 set up. At the top of post and further below is an olive green that you can get, but it’s on the X3 model, which has even more tire clearance.

Of course, all of their bikes are available custom, but having platforms for different types of riding gives them (and you) a starting point.

There’s tons of tire clearance at the fork, so tire size is mostly limited by the back of the frame.

All bikes are made at their plant in Montreal, Canada, out of cold-worked 3/2.5 titanium. It’s a process they say makes bikes that are 30% stronger than other bending and shaping methods, which is impressive when you look at how much they shape the top and down tubes on their bikes.

The X3 can be had with up to 700×42 or 650×50 tires, and gets frame mounts for racks, bags, and the option for a fork with multiple accessory mounts on the legs. Complete bikes start around $4,400.


    • Paul N on

      Hello, actual owner of that Land-Rover-metallic-olive-green X3 here!
      The way it was explained to me is that the modular head tube allows for a true 100% custom geometry. + It’s a more sustainable manufacturing approach as it results in a lot less scrapped material.

  1. Rooster514 on

    Based on what is mentioned on their website, those dropouts have been designed to be completely replaceable / adaptable to make the frame future-proof. They also enhance stiffness to optimize shifting precision and durability. For some, functional benefit is beautiful.


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