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New 29er and Carbon Trail, XC Mountain Bikes Coming from Santa Cruz

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2012 or 2011 santa cruz carbon fiber hardtail 29er mountain bike

You know that little pre-holiday sneak peed peek at the forthcoming Santa Cruz carbon fiber hardtail 29er?  Well, apparently that’s not the only new trick up their sleeves.

We just got invited to a little camping trip where we’re told we’ll be riding some new bikes from Santa Cruz, some with big wheels, some with small wheels, some carbon, some alloy. All are XC and Trail oriented, and other than the hardtail you’re looking at above, they’ll be fully suspended.

Given that there’s already a Tallboy in their line up, our guess is the “Trail” bike will be the carbon one and get 26″ wheels and be based on the recent single-pivot Butcher or Nickel (info here, video here, actual weights here), and the alloy will be a “budget” 29er XC rig based on the Tallboy, but that’s pure speculation. Seriously, they ain’t spillin’ no beans on these things until mid-to-late-ish March. Now, how to get a wireless signal in the Utah desert…

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13 years ago

Alloy tallboy would be so sick.

13 years ago

I think they’ll go with a more budget friendly FS 29er. If the Tallboy is a Blur 29er, then we’d be looking at a Superlight or Nickel 29er.

Of course, what I’d really like is a Tallboy LT. Since I have a Tallboy on order now, I’m sure that’s what they’ll reveal the day after I get it dirty.

I don’t see them releasing ANY carbon SP or APP bikes. It doesn’t make sense since price is the only real advantage of those bikes. Plus, they already have too many models.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the oldest bikes in the lineup now are the Superlight and Heckler. Maybe they’ll be updating those. I guess there could be a possibility of a carbon Superlight that actually lives up to its name. Lets take some guesses.

1) Carbon 29er hardtail (that a gimme)
2) APP Aluminum 29er
3) Tallboy LT (although there are a dearth of forks for such a bike)

13 years ago

My invite musta got lost in the mail.

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