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New Crazy Light Sampson Diablo SL Bike and Components

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The new Sampson Diablo SL bike is finally on the road in producton form, 60 days later than anticipated, but with some in-house lightweight goodies that look very nice.

Weight is just 14.2 pounds when built with their new Stratics SL group (read about that here) and Stratics s3 titanium pedals.  Here’s what founder Eric Sampson has to say about it:

“The great part is the bike is amazingly stiff, and features our SAS damping for exceptionally smooth, vibration free riding. With the sew-ups, it simply glides along! All in-the bike has a full MSRP of just $6,999 with a custom paint and Stratics SL group. Naturally, groups from Shimano, Sram or Campy are also available too.”

Besides the frame, some of the Sampson Stratics components are what make the package so light:


  • Stratics SL crankset – 645g with bottom bracket
  • Stratics SL Race cassette – 88g for an 11-23, machined out like the SRAM Red cassette
  • Stratics 1/2g cage bolts


Hit ‘more’ for details and photos on these parts and the frame…

Editor’s note: The rest of the text is from Eric Sampson:


sampson-stratics-sl-crankset2Cranks: The new Stratics SL crank set is just 645 g. with the BB! The wide carbon arms offer excellent power, and the new rings have been extended to offer more material and stiffness for excellent front shift speed. The cranks feature a full alloy spine for durability and alignment precision, and are wrapped in a full carbon casing and finished with a random cut carbon outer shell. The BB is a thread-in, and uses very fast and smooth steel cartridge bearings. Sammpson selected the steel over the ceramic as they felt the very negligable weight and watt savings that might be present with ceramics would soon evaporate under the constant care required of ceramics. As it is, the Sampson Stratics SL crank set is one of the lightest on the market at present! $599 w/bb is the MSRP. Available now. 170-172.5-175 in compact 50/34 only.


Stratics SL Race cassette: machined from a sold block of alloy, the new Stratics SL Race cassette weighs just 88 grams in an 11-23 size! The cassette is treated with a titanium nitride hard coating, and should give about 1,500 miles of good performance with reasonable care–i.e, keep it clean and lube the chain. We understand it is not made from steel or ti, and for those who want super-light, the SL race cassette will chop off 70-80 grams vs. a DA or Red cassette. Retail priced at just $209, the SL cassette is very affordable. Now in stock and shipping, with replacement cassettes for Campy 11 mid-summer.


Bottle cage bolts: Coming soon! The final touch! At just 1/2 g. each (yes, we had to get the old 3 beam scale out to get an accurate weight) these alloy cage bolts will trim 10-12 grams vs. the standard steel bolts! At just $12 msrp, they are a great gift for any rider, and a must-have for the weight weenie crowd! Available about 6/1.

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14 years ago

That cassette is a work of art!

7 years ago

That’s just older microshift isn’t it? Not exactly hard to find aluminum M5 bolts either.

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