New GoPro 3-Way 2.0 grip folds into some interesting positions, new backpack looks surprisingly good

Sometimes, when you see branded merch, it’s easy to be skeptical. Fortunately, GoPro’s latest batch of gear actually looks pretty good. It includes a new 30L Weekender Backpack and the Mezcal polarized, floating sunglasses. But first, let’s get into the three way and see how we can shoot some more interesting videos…

GoPro 3-Way 2.0 grip handle

gopro 3-way 2.0 folding tripod grip for action cameras

I’ve always favored the Max Grip for shooting low shots on the bike. It extends easily, and compacts small enough to fit into most jersey pockets and even some hip packs. The 3-Way seemed cumbersome by comparison, with more joints to deal with when trying to quickly extend it. But one feature has me rethinking my everyday GoPro carry: The Ball Joint.

The new 3-Way 2.0 adds a ball-joined mounting head, letting you adjust for uneven ground or weird angles quickly and easily. It even bends a full 90º, letting you shoot in portrait mode. Here, watch:

Folded in, it measures just 8″ (20.3cm) long. Unfold it and it adds 19.5″ (~50cm) to your reach. The articulated design lets you bend it to create a curve, or reach around items, or just hold it so it won’t appear in your selfie videos and photos. The new swivel head uses their removable clip interface, so you can quickly swap, insert, or remove your cameras…handy if you only have one and want to just pop it into their Chesty or some other mount without having to unbolt it each time.

The handle has a new, much larger built-in tripod base for better stability when fully extended. So you can set it down and use the timer, voice commands or The Remote to activate it from afar. The whole thing is waterproof, and all pivot hardware is fully captured, so you can’t lose any bolts if something twists loose. Retail is $69.99 ($48.99 for GoPro Subscribers).

GoPro Weekender Backpack, Shades & Artist Series Tees

goor weekender backpack

The new 30L Weekender gives you cushioned, soft fabric-lined electronics pockets up top to hold a GoPro and a few small accessories, charging cables, etc. Underneath is a larger main section that opens fully for easy packing. Behind that layer is a separate compartment for shoes (or dirty clothes).

Not shown is a separate padded 15″ laptop compartment against the back, a secret zippered stash pocket on the back, and a small zip pocket on the front. The shoulder strap has a built-in GoPro clip for hands-free front-facing recording. It’s weather resistant, too. The Weekender retails for $129.99 ($90.99 for GoPro Subscribers)

gopro mezcal floating polarized sunglasses

While I wish they’d float on top of the water, it’s still a nice safeguard when you can’t seem to learn from your friends who all just lost their sunglasses in the surf and then lose your own sunglasses in the surf minutes later.

The GoPro Mezcal sunglasses float in both fresh and salt water, and they’re polarized to help you see through the glare on both types of water, too. It comes with three sets of lenses – gray, blue-mirrored light amber, and bronze-mirrored regular amber, all of which have 100% UV A/B protection.

The Mezcal sunglasses retail for $79.99 ($55.99 for GoPro Subscribers) and includes a case with sleeves for the extra lenses.

max romey elevation print on a t-shirt

This limited edition Elevation print by artist Max Romey is available on off-white t-shirts and 10% of proceeds to to POW (Protect Our Winters). It’s a 60/40 cotton/poly blend in a modern, slightly fitted style. Get one for $24.99 ($17.49 for GoPro Subscribers).

If you bought one of the latest cameras, it probably subscribed you to their membership program, too. In which case you’ll get 30% off accessories, and up to 50% off the lifestyle gear.

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