Velo Wing performance endurance bicycle saddle

Velo has just announced the new WOW (Weightless Open Wing) Saddle, a 100g perch with a carbon base that’s designed to flex along with the rider for improved comfort without a ton of padding.

Combined with their ArcTech suspension rails, the wings in the carbon shell flex to relieve pressure from the perineum. It uses UD carbon fiber in its construction to remain stiff where it needs to be and strong throughout. Two versions are available, one with about 10g worth of additional padding…

Velo Wing performance endurance bicycle saddle

The other Velo WOW Saddle, available in black. Pricing and availability TBD.

IMG_3357 IMG_3360


  1. patrick on

    Fantastic saddle design. I’ve often thought a light version of something like the Selle Anatomica could be the perfect saddle. Curious about this one.

  2. The Goats on

    We had a wander round the booth yesterday and have to say very impressed the product and the crew working the show. Bet this will be popular with the Tri crowd!



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