Named after one of Tennessee’s most aggressive singletrack trails, the new Litespeed Pinhoti III titanium trail hardtail mountain bike brings updated geometry, room for huge tires, and gorgeous new tube shapes.

Here’s the full tech overview, plus our first ride impressions and actual weight of an XL with an admittedly high end build…

Litespeed Pinhoti III tech details

litespeed pinhoti 3 titanium hardtail trail mountain bike closeup details

Aimed at marathon and trail riders looking for a light, efficient bike that climbs with all the efficiency you’d expect from a hardtail, the new Pinhoti makes adjustments to handle the downhills better, too.

How so?

litespeed pinhoti 3 titanium hardtail trail mountain bike closeup of top tube

The new version increases tire clearance to 29×2.6 (up from 2.4″) and 27.5×3.0 (up from 2.8″). Recommended fork travel grows to 120-140mm (up from 100-130mm).

44mm headtube shown from the side of the new litespeed pinhoti mtb

To accomplish that, they gave it a stiffer headtube, but you wouldn’t know that from looking at it. It’s still sleek, using a 44mm headtube to accommodate modern tapered forks.

downtube cable routing closeup on litespeed pinhoti 3 mtb

Cable routing has been cleaned up a bit, too, with a sleeker entry for the dropper seatpost’s remote cable.

Additional shaping of the top- and down-tubes limit torsional flex, and position the head tube with a 67º or 67.5º head angle, depending on frame size. That’s 2-2.5º slacker than before, and top tube/reach has been stretched a bit longer, too.

litespeed pinhoti 3 titanium hardtail trail mountain bike closeup of seat tube

litespeed pinhoti 3 titanium hardtail trail mountain bike closeup of drivetrain

To make up for that, they bent the seat tube more to tuck the rear wheel in tighter. Chainstay length dropped to 16.9″, down from 17.25″ before. Here’s the full geometry chart:

litespeed pinhoti 3 geometry chart

Note that there’s a new XS size offered, which comes with a shorter 120mm travel fork and 27.5″ wheels as stock. All other sizes are sold with 29er wheels and 130mm forks.

litespeed pinhoti 3 titanium hardtail trail mountain bike closeup of tire clearance

litespeed pinhoti 3 titanium hardtail trail mountain bike closeup of tire clearance

A new CNC-machined driveside chainstay yoke drops slightly, allowing the chainring and mountain bike tire to both clear the frame without having to lengthen the bike’s rear end.

litespeed pinhoti 3 titanium hardtail trail mountain bike closeup details

All that translates to modern long, slack, quick geometry, plus huge tires.

litespeed pinhoti 3 titanium hardtail trail mountain bike closeup details

But they’re not relying entirely on the extra rubber for comfort. Seatstays are bent slightly throughout most of their length to add compliance, aided by a reverse bend above the dropouts.

They also say the new design further reduces vibrations, something titanium was already well known for, while remaining comparatively light for a metal bike.

To summarize in their words, the new Pinhoti III was designed to give you “more confidence, more agility, more comfort, more fun.”

So, does it deliver?

Litespeed Pinhoti III actual weight & first rides

litespeed bikes home delivery service van assembling a mountain bike before delivery

Before we could throw a leg over the new bike, we had to get it, and it’s worth showing off Litespeed’s Home.Delivery.Right service. The bike literally shows up ready to ride, setup tubeless, and 100% assembled.

actual weight of litespeed pinhoti 3 mountain bike on a scale

Our size XL test bike came in at 26lb 10oz (12.08kg) without pedals, setup tubeless. That’s with:

  • Full XT group (but XTR cranks for some reason)
  • Stan’s Arch wheels
  • Maxxis Rekon 29×2.6 tires
  • Fox Factory 34 130mm fork with Fox dropper seatpost
  • Alloy Race Face handlebar and stem
  • ESI foam grips
  • WTB saddle

Litespeed says a size Medium Pinhoti III frame weighs 1,649 grams, which is 95 grams lighter than the previous version.

litespeed pinhoti 3 titanium mountain bike riding around a beamed corner

This is definitely a “first impressions” post, not a full review…but we’ve got a couple of hardtail fans putting miles on it right now for a future long-term review. But that’s me in the meantime, swapping my full suspensions for a hardtail for the first time in a long time.

litespeed pinhoti 3 titanium mountain bike riding away on a beamed corner

Once over the “daaaaang, this thing’s fast” feeling of going back to a hardtail, the first thing I noticed is how much pop it had.

I have a titanium cyclocross bike and will verify that everything good you’ve heard about the material is true. It’s lively, ages well, and lasts forever. And now that we seem to have figured out this “trail” geometry thing, this is a bike you’d want to keep around forever.

It’s quick around the corners. Their slackening efforts haven’t tamed the snappy response I’d want from a hardtail, but the extra travel and reach was appreciated coming down a few drops and short descents.

litespeed pinhoti 3 titanium mountain bike jumping over a log ramp

The Pinhoti III literally launches off jumps. It has a springy feel that seems to boost the bike off ramps, so if you’re a jumper, you’ll appreciate how easily it gains altitude. Landings were more muted than I expected, too, which I’ll chalk up to both the frame material and their shaped tubing.

It’s fun, and now it’s in the hands of our long term testers to see how it compares to their personal bikes…

Pinhoti III Features & Specs

  • 3AL/2.5V cold-worked tubeset
  • Oversized 3AL/2.5V downtube
  • Updated geometry
  • Asymmetric and dropped drive-side chainstay
  • CNC-Machined titanium chainstay yoke
  • Updated dropper cable integration port
  • Standard Ti, Brushed, and new Two-Tone Polished finish options
  • Internally butted and oversized head tube
  • Max tire size: 29 x 2.6 or 27.5 x 3.0
  • 51mm fork offset
  • optimized for 120mm to 140mm fork travel
  • PF30 bottom bracket shell, with T47 threaded BB upgrade option
  • Boost spacing, 12X148mm
  • Sizes available: XS, S, M, L, XL and custom
  • Handcrafted in the U.S.A.
  • Average weight 1,649 grams (size medium frame)

Complete bike prices range from $4,745 (SLX) to $7,445 (XTR). Framesets will also be available for $2,349.

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1 year ago

Pinhohti III trail (aka P3) is actually in N Georgia (rather than Tennessee).

1 year ago

This looks like a brilliant trail bike although I have grown fond of internally routed cables (it looks a bit crude). I LOVE my Litespeed! Titanium FTW!

1 year ago
Reply to  nooner

Go wireless and get them to not put the cable stops on the frame. they are hand made in US, so easy for customization. Just the rear brake line, which is nice to have exterior for servicing. Super clean look. Lynskey did that for me on my ti HT for no cost

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward
1 year ago

The Pinhoti trail doesn’t even go into Tennessee. It is only in Alabama and Georgia and only the Georgia sections are open to mountain biking. If you are in north Georgia it is worth checking out.

Ted W Pierson
Ted W Pierson
1 year ago

It’s pretty but get real, a 67.5 HA ain’t “slack”.

1 year ago


Spencer Delaluna
Spencer Delaluna
1 year ago

Inches?! There is a reason the world uses SI. 16.9” can be 422-430mm depending on sig figs. I’d be curious if those units are provided for ‘mericans or if that is the standard they are using over in TN.

Oded Hacohen
Oded Hacohen
1 year ago

Hi, i’m 64 years old, 20 years singeltraks rider (now Pivot 429 trail) who want to go hard tail. i’d appriciate your opinion – litespeed Pinhoti or lynskey live wire 29? is there a place to ride them both for comparisson? thanks.

Lee K
Lee K
1 year ago

I’m exactly the same except 66. I need to move up from my Litespeed 26 Obed (damn). Which? Hardtail only. Thanks! Lee