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Taste test: Best New nutrition products from GU, Chargel, Twisted Spoke & Kodiak

twisted spoke energy chews with cbd
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There’s always plenty of new snacks and flavors at Sea Otter to try, so we fueled our days with our favorite bars from Kate’s Real Food and drinks from Fluid and Skratch. While they didn’t have anything new (but we still like them, a lot!), we did find some new goodies to take home for local rides.

The Twisted Spoke CBD energy chews aren’t your typical gummies. They use a dual-source carb and have a fair bit of sodium, but an intentionally lower amount of CBD per pack than what you’d typically find in a “CBD” product.

ingredients list for twisted spoke energy chews with cbd

The goal was to offer something that’s mostly for fueling on longer rides, so the cumulative total of CBD ingested over a couple of hours of riding (and a few packets) starts to get somewhere fruitful. They have a 60/40 blend of glucose to fructose and come in three flavors – Strawberry, Watermelon, and Blue Raspberry (caffeinated). Retail is $2.99 per packet.

Check out more of their CBD line for cyclists in our Sedona Bike Fest coverage, and check out our podcast interview with the founders, too.

GU Salted Lime

Packed with their Roctane blend of amino acids and plenty of sodium, GU Energy’s new Salted Lime flavor comes in a caffeinated Gel and a non-caffeinated Chews option.

Kodiak Graham Cracker Bear Bites

kodiak graham cracker bites

If you’re familiar with Kodiak Cakes, it’s probably because of their protein-packed pancake mix at Costco. Now, they’ve launched Graham Bear Bites that deliver 5g of protein per package from milk protein concentrate and egg whites. They’ve also introduce a new raspberry syrup that’s made with real fruit, and all of these things are delicious.

Chargel carbohydrate energy gel drink

chargel carbohydrate energy gel for athletes

Somewhere between gel and drink is the new Chargel carbohydrate-heavy fuel source that’s made with a mix of Dextrin and Sugar (Sucrose). While not listed as “maltodextrin”, a “dextrin” is typically a string of glucose molecules that take a bit longer to break down than straight glucose, and “sugar” is a mix of glucose and fructose.

So it’s providing an array of carbs with a light thickness that gives it a mouthfeel somewhere between gel and drink.

ingredient list for chargel carbohydrate energy gel for athletes

Add in some B-vitamins and real fruit juices for flavoring, and you’ve got something that’s probably more refreshing than a gel and packs way more carbs per serving. Retail is about $21 per 6-pack.

GOOD TO-GO Camp Meals

good to-go camp food and meal packs

Founded by a chef and restauranteur (and Iron Chef competitor who beat Mario Batali!), Good To-Go’s camp food is focused on quality and flavor.

They’re also all gluten free, low in sodium, and most are vegan or vegetarian. And, they contain no preservatives, leaning on the freeze drying process to keep them good for a long time. With a complete range of breakfast and dinner packs, meal kits, and emergency food supplies, they’ve got something for everyone.

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