Podcast #056 – Twisted Spoke CBD explains everything you want to know about CBD

Curious about CBD and its benefits for athletes? What about cyclists in particular? And what about CBG, and CBN? And WADA drug testing?

In this episode, we talk to two avid cyclists who also happen to be the founders of Twisted Spoke CBD. More than just a relabeled me-too brand, Wen and Gabe prove that they are beyond passionate about the health and wellbeing attributes that CBD and its derivatives can offer.

We cover it all, from the differences between CBD, CBG, and CBN; which ones contain THC and why, whether and how that might affect drug testing before or after a race, and so much more. It’s a very thorough look at why cyclists may want to try CBD, when and how much to use, and what they can expect from using it. Check out more about their products from our Sedona tech recap, too!

twisted spoke CBD founders and podcast interview

Twisted Spokes CBD founders Wen (left) and Gabe (right).


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8 months ago

Why not make the podcast availible on Spotify? I’m sure Podbean is a fine app, but it’s a hassle to have to sign up for yet another app.

8 months ago

Twisted Spoke rules!!!!

8 months ago

Getting medical/”wellness” advice about a certain molecule from people who have a strong financial stake in the drug without any neutral third-party oversight is not ideal.

8 months ago
Reply to  J S

Hi J S, this is Gabe from Twisted Spoke CBD. I can understand your view. We specifically don’t make any medical claims. We speak from our experiences and those of our friends, families, athletes and customers. We’re happy to help you find more specific answers to more complicated questions but in a 1hr podcast we can only really touch the surface.

We’re heavily regulated at the State and Federal levels and conduct third party testing for label claims, residual solvents, heavy metals, pesticides and harmful microbial pathogens. In terms of efficacy claims we do our best to honestly represent our experiences and set reasonable expectations for what you might experience.

We are comfortable claiming that we experience marginal gains. Aero socks will not magically give you a K/QOM but they can be a piece of the puzzle. CBD is a tool I use in conjunction with stretching, exercise, sleep and a halfway decent diet, to be able to handle a little more stress and spend more time on my bike. If you try any of our products and are not satisfied I’m happy to offer you a 100% money back guarantee.

I am ever the skeptic and believe that it is important to be educated about what I put into my body. Feel free to give us a call. Seriously.