A recent Specialized patent appears to be a new style of anti-rotation protection in helmets. Using inner helmet pads with multiple low-friction layers, the innovation could add additional safety to new helmets – and perhaps retrofit into older-style helmets that don’t currently include MIPS or similar technologies.

Specialized patent application for helmet with slip layers

Bikerumor Patent Patrol is on the case again, this time for a new helmet padding design from Specialized. You can check out the full text here, but the gist is that Specialized appears to be looking for new ways to limit rotational forces during an accident (by helping the helmet rotate slightly around your head upon impact). While this is normally done using the various executions of MIPS technology, Specialized is looking specifically at the inner helmet pads.

The helmet pads would use multiple low-friction layers inside to allow for a controlled amount of slip. The pads could be attached via a standard hook-and-loop adhesion system, allowing for pad replacement if they become damaged or dirty.

The added bonus is that this system could be applied to older helmets that don’t currently contain MIPS technology, giving an added measure of safety. And, our guess is this would be lighter than competing anti-rotation measures, and less expensive. No word on if or when this technology will make it to market, but we’ll keep you posted.



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