With each of their bikes, Berlin-based 8bar typically produces the frames and forks in a couple of standard color options (usually black and raw, clear-coated aluminum), but puts out a limited edition finish with only 100 framesets made in each special color combination. This year with the new updated FHAIN v2, they are reaching out to their fans and followers to select the combination. Take a few minutes to make a submission by the end of this week, and if your design wins 8bar will award you one of the new framesets. Hop past the break for details and to see who will win the second frameset they are giving away…


It’s just the simple combination of solid colors for the frame, fork and logos, but with almost 1000 pantone colors to choose from, the possibilities are huge. Pick a great combo; give it a name and a story of you want; and if it gets the most votes, it’ll be the next limited edition 8bar. After all of the submitted designs are received, 8bar’s jury will pick out the best ideas and let their Facebook followers vote on which one they will make. The second giveaway frameset will go to a randomly selected winner pooled from those who vote and share the contest on Facebook (you don’t even have to pick the winning color scheme.)

Design ideas need to be sent in by this google docs form until October 25th. It only takes a couple of minutes as you choose the color combination, so jump on over there. Their staff will select the shortlist by October 27, then get over to the 8bar Facebook to vote and get another chance to win before the poll will close on November 1st.

8bar_Fhainv2_fixie_fixed-gear_trackbike_chameleon-side 8bar_Fhainv2_fixie_fixed-gear_trackbike_chameleon-fron-3-4

The FHAIN v2 is 8bar’s entry level double butted, aero aluminum fixed gear, urban track bike. We covered the first generation last year with 8bar’s online custom bike builder. The new bike gets a 5mm higher bottom bracket for better maneuverability in the city, plus a 5 or 10mm longer headtube for a more comfortable upright riding position with less of a spacer stack.




  1. Speshy on

    Is this just another POS chinese fixie with a trendy paint scheme? Because that seems like a pretty common marketing tactic from those sorts of companies.


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