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Podcast #098 – Sherpa Map Routes us to Smarter Cycling Maps

sherpa map co-founder eric semianczuk for bikerumor podcast

If you’ve ever wondered how route creation and ride mapping works, you’re going to love this episode.

My guest is Eric Semianczuk, co-founder of Sherpa Map. I’m guessing you haven’t heard of them… yet.

But the cycling route map service they’re building is incredible, using AI and granular LIDAR data compiled over weather, surface type, and elevation data to create the most sophisticated route data you can imagine.

And they just keep improving it. It’s wild, and in this episode, Eric explains how they got started, how mapping and route building works, and how they’re using AI to predict everything from surface type to how many calories you’ll need and even advise on tire selection for your next race.

Scroll down for screenshots of their mapping.

screenshot of Sherpa Map cycling map showing terrain elevation by color coding

Above, some of my local mountain bike trails mapped on Sherpa Map. The color coding shows elevation changes, which helps you see where the high spots are on a route. You can even import GPX files from prior rides or created elsewhere and it’ll show you this data.

screenshot of sherpa map advanced cycling maps with more details

By combining LIDAR with satellite and other public data, Sherpa Map is building out the most highly detailed terrain map for cyclists anywhere. If you want granular intel for your race recon, sign up now so you have access when this feature goes live. Did I mention it’s completely free to use Sherpa Map? Still not impressed?

super detailed terrain data from sherpa map bicycle routing and mapping app

How’s this for granular detail? Roads are color-coded by surface type, you can check wind speed, elevation, grade, and even upload your buddies’ or competitors’ ride data and it’ll show you how you compare, where you should attack, and more. The whole thing is impressive. Kudos, Eric, keep up the good work!

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