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Polar Grit X multi-sport smartwatch gains Pro features with over-the-air update

Polar Grit X upgrades capability in over-the-air updates
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One of the best features we’ve seen in some of the latest connected electronic devices like Polar’s Grit X smartwatch is the ability for over-the-air updates. Who doesn’t love extra features for free! With smart, adaptable hardware, Polar has repeatedly been able to develop new capabilities with each new generation of smart devices, then figure out how to bring much of that new functionality back to existing users via firmware updates.

Polar Grit X updates capability in over-the-air upgrade

Polar Grit X upgrades capability in over-the-air update, pre-ride analysis
c. Polar

Can we agree to call this an over-the-air upgrade? When Polar launched the new outdoor sport, range-topping Grit X Pro last year, they told us they’d make many of its newest features available for Polar Grit X users down the road, as well. Polar continues to show their commitment to continuing to improve even their existing products, so their customers can feel confident they aren’t buying new electronics that become obsolete the moment a new generation pops up.

What’s new for Grit X users?

Polar Grit X upgrades capability in over-the-air update, MTB

Now, the Grit X version 2 firmware update brings music controls to your wrist, running performance tests, improved routing, heartrate sharing, and more customization.

Out on the bike, the biggest functional improvement is probably the ability to change your routing on the fly, especially for mountain bikers who might not ride with a traditional cycling computer or strap their watch to the bar while riding. You can now pre-plan multiple routes, then swap in the shorter or longer variants easily while riding, depending on how you feel or how you are running on time.

Polar Grit X upgrades capability in over-the-air update, music control

New music control is another nice feature while riding the trainer at home. Move through your music playlists, and adjust volume from your wrist without having to reach for your phone. Music control is also on one of the base watch faces, so you can get right to it while not working out, too.

Polar Grit X upgrades capability in over-the-air update, heart rate sharing

Another nice indoor training or cross-training feature that will benefit cyclists is the heart rate sensor mode that came from the Grit X Pro (and exists on a number of other new Polar watches). This lets you share the live heart rate data from the watch’s built-in sensors via Bluetooth to other BLE devices to better gauge your effort and track your exercise. Share heart rate to indoor gym equipment or just to your smartphone to use with other mobile apps like Strava, for example.

Polar Grit X upgrades capability in over-the-air update, weekly view

Other new customizations available include setting up quick menus to get to the core feature you want first when swiping down on the screen, new watch face options, new weekly summary view, and more watch styles than before.

Polar Grit X Pro on the mtb

And there are also more training targets you can set in the online or app-based Polar Flow system that can then control alerts on your wrist while exercising. The firmware update even means faster GPS acquisition, thanks to an additional method of remembering where the satellites should be. Grit X users get all this and some more tweaks with the simple & free OTA upgrade.

Find out more about the updates and how to upgrade your Grit X watch’s capabilities at:


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2 years ago

Lol, the first part got me. “Improve existing products”. The grit x came out a year and a half after the polar Vantage and the grit x pro came out about the same time after the V2. The V2 got the updates that the grit x pro has and recently the grit x now has gotten some more updates. They’re really leaving vantage owners in the dust. I’m moving to Garmin when my Vantage dies.

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