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Power2Max Power Meter Cranksets Update Firmware, Tease New Models

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2013 Power2Max crankset power meter updates firmware to add left-right balance measurement and improved temperature correction

Power2Max power meter cranksets have been updated to add left/right power balance measurement.

They’ve also spruced up the hardware to better calibrate against changes in temperature. The latter was a known (and admitted) issue that they say is now fixed. UPDATE: Current users can send their cranks in for an update. Cost is $50 and covers return shipping.

They also told us they have some contracts with other companies being finalized now that’ll be announced soon. We read that as they’ll have more chainring compatibility options soon, but we’ll know for sure shortly. Currently, they only offer power meters for SRAM S9000, Rotor and Lightning cranks.

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Morten Tillquist
11 years ago

Text are from Power2max.com web site and it cost €50

Compensation of temperature depending drift of power2max sensors before delivery week 36/2012

incl. software update with “Right-Left-Splitting”


11 years ago

Hi guys,

don’t forget the BOR germany (in the background of the photo) and the Tune crank!

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