Rare Campag/Cinelli NJS parts on eBay


I’m looking at my collection of hen’s teeth and unicorn eggs and deciding what to sell off, so that I can bid on this lot .

The Japanese Keirin Association (wielders of the legendary-among-hipsters NJS stamp) didn’t ever allow many foreign manufacturers to supply approved parts for the Keirin races – to my knowledge, currently Columbus tubing is the only outside supplier – so a complete gruppo and all accoutrements made by the Italians is something special. Put it all, perhaps, on your Nagasawa frame, built by a master-builder who apprenticed with Pogliachi and De Rosa.

Think of the NJS craze what you will – and it’s certainly died down a bit now – but I find the fact that these have been so lovingly assembled and looked after so far from home inspiring. It’s a manifestation of the love and affection we all share for the bike – albeit in an obsessive and expensive form!

Found via Prolly.

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