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Review: KOM Cycling detachable GoPro mount is really the best light mount

KOM cycling twist-off gopro mount for out front cycling computer mounts
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There are a lot of ways to put a GoPro on you or your bike, but most of them require a bit of a commitment. Meaning, once you’ve threaded or clicked the camera into place and adjusted it, that’s probably where you’re leaving it for a while. KOM Cycling’s latest mount makes it a bit easier to grab a couple different angles.

Even better, if you use a GoPro-style mount for your headlight, it could be the fastest, easiest way to get that light on and off your bike for charging…

KOM CM06 Quick Release GoPro Computer Mount

KOM cycling twist-off gopro mount for out front cycling computer mounts

Using a familiar twist-to-mount design, they borrow the attachment method we’re used to with our GPS cycling computers and apply it to the underside of their outfront mount. The GoPro attaches to that, so you can quickly mount and unmount it between shots.

KOM cycling twist-off gopro mount for out front cycling computer mounts

What’s the benefit? That depends on the shot you want…if we’re being honest, chest and helmet cams provide a bit better perspective for both riding and following someone. But with the latest action cameras offering incredibly good stabilization and wide angles, getting good follow-cam footage from the handlebar is entirely possible.

KOM cycling twist-off gopro mount for out front cycling computer mounts

And sometimes, you only want to see the person you’re following…not your own cockpit or helmet visor.

mountain biker riding down rocky terrain

We tested on the root-and-rock-infested trails of Pisgah to ensure it would stay put, and it did. KOM’s quick-release GoPro mount held tight, and the footage turned out decent, too.

The main benefit we see for this type of mount isn’t mountain biking, though…it’s road racing or capturing your own ride footage as a safety backup against bad drivers.

Kim cycling quick release gopro mount works great for cycling lights

Or, take advantage of the GoPro-style mounting adapters offered for Niterider and Light & Motion lights and mount those…it will make removing the camera or light so quick and easy for charging that you’ll never want to mess with bolts again.

Kim cycling quick release gopro mount makes it easy to remove bicycle headlights for charging

Kim cycling quick release gopro computer mount kit shown in packaging

There’s actually two different GoPro mounts offered by KOM. The bundle tested and shown here is the CM06 computer mount, which is different than their other mounts in that it has the quarter-turn tabs built into the bottom of it.

This lets you just twist the GoPro adapter directly onto it, but it means you’ll have to buy this computer mount as the bundle ($30-$35) because the adapter won’t work on their other mounts. If you want to add a computer mount to additional bikes, those are sold separately for $20-$25 depending on whether you want the black or “carbon print” finish.

Kim cycling computer mount with top-mounted quick release gopro adapter

Or, you can grab their standalone Top Mount GoPro 1/4 turn adapter ($12) and stick your camera onto the top of any out-front computer mount with Garmin or Wahoo compatibility. If you’re trying to get that “selfie” footage or talk to the camera while riding, this makes it super easy.

This one also works with any compatible headlight, making it an easy way to add (and remove) a light if you’re not running a cycling computer.

actual weights on a scale for KOM computer mount and gopro adapter mounts

KOM Cycling’s mounts are both affordable, and lightweight. Our Wahoo mount came in at just 43g, and both GoPro adapter mounts weighed just 14g each. Some of us have run their mounts for quite some time and they’ve proven reliable, so the added versatility of these new adapters makes them all the more useful.


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3 years ago

Happy user of KOM Cycling’s “aero” Wahoo mount here as well. I bought the GoPro adapter for that one so I could mount my Cat Eye front lights with a third-party mounting foot.

This CM06 and QR GoPro adapter combo you’ve reviewed definitely has my setup beat, though.

3 years ago

The link didn’t work, here’s the correct link: https://komcycling.com/

1 year ago

THx. Any recommendations for an efficient rear mount?

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