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Review: New Dirtlej Core Edition Dirtsuit w/ improved breathability & waterproofing

Dirtlej Core Edition Dirtsuit onesie mountain biking mud rain waterproof breathable durable one-piece ladies cut
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With a weekend of shredding in store in Scotland’s unrivaled glorious winter conditions, we were extremely grateful to test the new Dirtlej Core Edition Dirtsuit. For maximum descents we joined the guys at Adrenalin Uplift to really put this one-piece, waterproof kit through its paces.

Dirtlej Core Edition Dirtsuit – one-piece foul weather MTB riding kit

Dirtlej Core Edition Dirtsuit onesie mountain biking mud rain waterproof breathable durable one-piece ladies cut
Shredding turns in the ladies’ cut Dirtlej Core Edition Dirtsuit

The main benefit of wearing the Dirtsuit is clear: full protection against whatever the weather might throw at you. And of course, at the end of the ride, you’ve got just the one filthy garment to deal with. Peel it off and you’re left with clean dry (save for the sweat) base layers underneath, so no need to worry about getting your car seats covered in mud.

The new Core Edition Dirtsuit is a one-piece waterproof and windproof suit, designed to protect the rider from all the mud, grit, rain, snow, hail, you name it, that winter throws at us. Redesigned with improved 18,000mm water resistance, it seems Dirtej have prioritized keeping the rider dry above all things.

Dirtlej Core Edition Dirtsuit – Tech Details


The Core Edition Dirtsuit is available in a ladies’ cut and a unisex cut

A robust three-layer waterproof membrane sits inside a durable 95% polyamide, 5% polyester shell, featuring reinforced seams and waterproof pockets. The suit has a heavy, durable feel to it which speaks to the quality of the materials used.

Dirtlej Core Edition Dirtsuit Review – Riding downhill in Scotland

The Dirtlej Core Edition Dirtsuit is a life-saver on those wet and muddy winter uplift days

With such a hard-wearing waterproof shell, breathability is compromised at 13,000 g/m2/24h, much lower than the monster 60,000 gm/m2/24hr boasted by the Endura MT500 Dirtsuit for example.

dirtsuit dirtlej core edition ladies' cut zipper breathability
Breathability of the dirtsuit is enhanced with the addition of zipper vents under the arms

However, Dirtlej combat this with the addition of large zipper-accessed vents underneath the arms. In addition to these fully open vents, the dirtsuit is adorned with seven other air inlets – with two on each leg and two on the torso.

Core Edition Dirtsuit Dirtlej unisex ladies womens mtb apparel riding
The Core Edition Dirtsuit has 7 of these air inlets!

Our tester happily pedaled a long fire road climb with no ‘boil in the bag’ complaints though it has to be said, it was only around 45°F that day! It is November in Scotland after all.

core edition dirtlej dirtsuit waterproof mtb enduro downhill uplift onesie biking winter
The Core Edition Dirtsuit has a massive hood which works over a full face DH helmet

The Dirtsuit features detachable legs which zip off just below the knee and an extra large hood which comfortably fits up over a full face helmet, yet folds away neatly when not required.

dirtlej core edition ladies' cut waterproof mountain biking enduro uplift mud
The detailing on the back is a reflective print

If you’re thinking of buying one of these be ready to turn more than few heads. Everyone will seriously start asking what are you wearing! This bright blue colorway was really popular with our fellow riders at the all-female mountain biking uplift weekend. Sure to be a winning Christmas gift idea, dare I say it.

dirtlej core edition dirtsuit winter onesie biking mtb waterproof durable
The Core Edition dirtsuit gets an adjustable waist strap & stretch panels at the back

Stretch fabric panels feature at the rear of the dirtsuit, both above and below the adjustable waist band. These are the only non-waterproof part of the onesie. This is exactly where the stretch fabric is needed of course, for comfort in both pedaling and descending positions. But, it is also where a lot of the spray from the trail hits the rider.

Small zipper-accessed pocket on the upper left arm – easy access for your uplift pass!

The dirtsuit has four waterproof sealed zipper-accessed pockets, one on the upper left arm, one on the right of the chest, and two on the front of the trouser portions. Two other Velcro accessed pockets are featured on the rear on the dirtsuit.

The waistband can be adjusted with the use of velcro straps, as can the sleeves

Our tester has a slim build and stands at 5’ 6″ tall. She wore the small and had this to say about the cut, “it was really good actually, I wouldn’t have changed anything about the fit”.

Our tester was totally comfortable riding the downhill trails in Innerleithen, Scotland

For garment care, Dirtlej say the Dirtsuit will be happily machine washed at no more than 86°F. So yeah, we rinsed off the bulk of the mud with a hose, and tossed it in the wash with other riding gear.

Dirtlej Core Edition Dirtsuit – Pricing & Availability

Ride fearlessly through that winter weather in the ultimate mountain biking onesie

The unisex Dirtsuit is available in sizes S-XXL in the sand/orange colorway. The ladies’ cut turquoise/lime version we tested is available in sizes XS-XL. It is available now for €319, £299, or ~$363 direct from Dirtlej.


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5 years ago

Beautiful Anti-Zwift technology.

5 years ago

Why not use a membrane with more breathability like eVent?

MC Sweaty
MC Sweaty
5 years ago
Reply to  Eli

Agreed, breathability would be better served with eVent or Polartec NeoShell or even GoreTex Active but something better. Maybe work on something like outdry so you can build something lighterweight and more waterproofed.

Collin S
5 years ago

My theory on this suit is if its needed, you probably shouldn’t be riding the trails anyways. You’re going to tear them up for the next guy.

Brad J Sedola
Brad J Sedola
5 years ago
Reply to  Collin S

If I didn’t ride when it was wet out, I’d never be riding. I live in one of the wettest places in North America. Rain gear like this are the difference to riding comfortably or coming home with discolored digits from going hypothermic.
My community is small, there are maybe 3 active riders. If the trails are getting torn up by mountain bikes, we know who did it. 99% of the time it’s caused by motorized vehicles.

3 years ago
Reply to  Collin S

what a ridiculous comment, do you ride in the uk?

5 years ago

The section “These are the only non-waterproof part of the onesie. This is exactly where the stretch fabric is needed of course, for comfort in both pedaling and descending positions. But, it is also where a lot of the spray from the trail hits the rider.” left me wondering why you did not elaborate about the consequences.

So does that mean that dirty water will get through those stretch fabric portions of the suit?

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