Launched on Kickstarter back in April, Litelok is in production with their unique lightweight, fully flexible lock in multiple lengths.

Lest the thin design fool you, it’s got a Gold Sold Secure rating and they say it’s extremely difficult to cut, even with industrial strength bolt cutters. The secret is the Boaflexicore material, which uses a combination of materials to resist any single type of cutting, sawing or other attack. Their testing shows it takes more than five minutes of consistent effort to get through it, which earned it the highest safety rating available. It also means thieves are more likely to give up before they break it.

Other benefits? It’s very light, at just 2.2lb, and its flexibility lets it more easily wrap around your frame and trees, poles or whatever.


They’re available in green, black and herringbone with a 29″ length. They come with two keys and two Velcro straps to secure them to your frame while riding. Get two and you can lock them together to extend the length, or use one for each wheel, share with family, etc.


If you didn’t get in on the successful crowdfunding order, it’s available for pre-order with an anticipated delivery by February 2015. Check them out at, pre-order pricing is £80 for one or £155 for a two-pack keyed the same.


We showed off the Abus Bordo Centium folding lock already, but it’s just so darn attractive with its upscale finish and packaging we thought we’d give you a second look.


Compared to their existing folder, it has a non-scratch leather-look finish, stainless steel lock cylinder with upgraded key system with thousands of options to drastically reduce the likelihood anyone else get theirs keyed the same, and a stainless and leather holster for your frame. Retail is $149.99.


Hiplok introduced the Homie, a much longer version of their belt style locks that’s mainly meant for locking up a couple bikes at home. It’s still strong enough with a Gold rating to hold up to normal street duty, but it’s rather heavy to be toting around. Retail is $159, shown on bottom right in the pics above.

Also shown are their new reflective covers, which come on the locks with a retail of $75/$110/$140 depending on length.


The new DX/DXC locks come in at $84.99 and get a few bumps up from the D/DC models. These are Gold Sold Secure rated versus Silver on the D/DC, and it’s bigger to fit around more poles, etc., in the city. The “C” in the model name indicates the inclusion of a cable, shown above on the DC for U-lock size comparison to the new DX series.


The new FLX cable lock is 1-meter light duty lock for quick stops with some clever combinations.



Yes, it’s a combo lock, but it also combines a blinky light with a clip that holds it in jersey pocket so the light is just above the pocket’s edge. One less thing you’ve got to carry if your rides typically end at the coffee shop. Available in March 2016 for $39.99.


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6 years ago

Not sure how much I trust the Abus Bordo after seeing this video

6 years ago


6 years ago

I was really I interested in the litelok until I saw how short it is, makes it pretty useless unless you buy two. They should make a longer version and I would purchase.

6 years ago

Any locking device can be broken or cut. A lock is something that is used to slow thieves down. I use a small cable when I go into my coffee shop after a ride, but I am still watching my bike the whole time I am inside getting my coffee. Here in San Diego, Ca., I would never leave any bike locked and unattended, even if locked they get stripped. A rule of thumb is… if you can not see a thief, he is watching you.

6 years ago

I wonder if this is flexible (and long) enough to pass over the head of a standard U.S. parking meter. If so, you’d have to be very careful how much of your bike you wrap with this lock so that the bike can’t be lifted off the meter.

6 years ago

I love my Hiplock, i just wish it was a tiny bit longer sometimes so i could get it through both wheels, or lamp posts when there’s nothing smaller around. Not having to have something in a pocket or on a bracket on the bike, nor having to have a bag when riding.