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Schlamm CrossLine: Cyclocross Specific Clothing

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“When cyclocross becomes a religion…you need something to pray in.”

Schlamm. It’s Swiss for mud. But it’s English for some of the nicest clothing you will ever find. And it’s also how someone with a lisp and a stutter says “slam.”

OK, you got me, I added that last bit to Schlamm’s tag line. I really would make a great Ad man. Schlamm or “Shhlam-muh-muh” has released a line of cyclocross specific clothing called, fittingly enough, “Crossline.” And yes, the claim that it is “cross specific” raised one sardonic eyebrow…how can clothing be cross specific? C’mon! But, amazingly enough, I was wrong. There are very cross-specific aspects to Schlamm’s clothing. Alright, not the rain jacket…it’s just a rain jacket. It does not possess magical cross-related properties. BUT the other items in the line all have cross-specific attributes, as we shall see…after the break.

Portland Rain Pant $120

Full-zip rain pants. Very smart. I would use these. Either at a cross race or during a really horrible Burlesque routine.

Lanarvily zip-off knee warmers $45

While a full-zip knee warmer would likely leave you raw and bloodied by the end of a long ride; they are just the thing to have for a cross warm up.

Hooglede Legs $55

Same goes for the “Hoogelledy” leg warmers. Brilliant. If I had four legs I would buy two pair.

For more info check out Schlamm’s site.

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