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First Look: Shimano’s Lace-Up New Enduro/DH Shoe, the SH-GE700

First Look Shimano GE700 Shoes hero(Photos/Ron Frazelle)
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Just recently, I had the opportunity to try one of Shimano’s newer gravity shoes. The GE900 and GE700 were released last Summer. And out of the two new shoes, I chose to try the GE700. For me personally, I like a laced cycling shoe, as I feel that laces have infinite adjustment capabilities.

Laces are one of the main reasons I chose to try out the GE700 over the GE900. In comparison, the GE900 has both a large velcro strap along the top and the BOA L6 dial for adjustment (which Zach loved enough to give an Editor’s Choice award). It also has a neoprene ankle collar to keep dirt shrapnel out of your shoe.

First Look Shimano GE700 Shoes DE700 logo
(Photos/Ron Frazele)

On the other hand, The GE700 loses the BOA dial, and the neoprene which seemed perfect for me. So, the GE700 was the way to go.

GE700 First Impressions

First Look Shimano GE700 Shoes in the dirt

Outta the box, it’s a handsome shoe. The light gray they sent me looked low-key and understated, just like I like it. They didn’t have the flashy, futuristic looks of a typical cycling shoe, or the alternative, out-of-the-ordinary look that I prefer. But, that being said, I really liked the way they looked.

The location of the velcro strap along with the laces, was reminiscent of my old Shimano SH-MX70 shoes of yesteryear.

A Wide Toe Box?

First Look Shimano GE700 Shoes wider toe box

With a few other cycling shoes I’ve been reviewing over the past few months, I’ve been leaning towards trying shoes with wider toe boxes – the Stomp Lox Slack and Vaude TVL Sykkel shoes to be more specific.

Shimano does mention a wide-toe box in their feature list (below) for the GE700s. And, when reading what some users had to say, a wider toe-box was mentioned more than once. So, I was optimistic that the GE700 would not have a narrow fit like some other Shimano shoes I’ve tried.

First Look Shimano GE700 Shoes snug fit

When I tried them on, they did feel a lot more snug than I had hoped, but the toe box was a bit wider than the other models of Shimano shoes I’ve tried. Off the bike hiking while on a ride is where I tend to feel a toe box that is too narrow for me.

So, after the initial fit, I laced them up, attached the strap, and walked around the house, keeping them on for five hours or so. They have a stiffness rating of 6, and that seems to track with how they feel while walking around. Plus, the real good news, they worked themselves in and got more comfy in the toe box area. Whew!

Cool GE700 Features

Shimano says that the GE700 lets you confidently tackle technical terrain. It has a TORBEL 2.0 midsole that will allow the heel section of the shoe to move torsionally. This claims to maintain a full range of motion that, in turn, allows for improved “comfort, fluidity, and on-bike control”.

First Look Shimano GE700 Shoes Bottoms

With Enduro in mind, the ULTREAD GE outsole will deliver superior grip while trudging through slippery hike-a-bike sections. The large molded pedal channel will provide a stable shoe-to-pedal connection, even in unclipped situations where can’t clip back in right away.

First Look Shimano GE700 Shoes weight

The GE700 comes in sizes 38/M5-5.5 through 48/M12.5. For a size 46 it weighs in at 487g.

GE700 Retail and Feature Summary

Retail: $180

Feature Summary

  • Durable construction and SPD-compatible, the GE700 is a trail-ready gravity shoe built to handle technical, rugged terrain
  • TORBAL 2.0 Midsole: Unique midsole structure allows the heel section to move torsionally, maintaining a full range of motion for improved rider comfort, fluidity, and on-bike control
  • ULTREAD GE: Enduro-optimized outsole provides enhanced grip on slippery hike-a-bike sections, and has an extended SPD landing strip for smooth and fast pedal engagement
  • Volume Trail Last: The tuned upper is tighter around the ball of the foot for enhanced bike control and pedaling efficiency, and it has increased volume at the toe box and heel for improved walking comfort and shock absorption
  • Armored Design: Asymmetrically raised ankle collar and thick, quick-drying synthetic leather upper with perforations protect against scuffs and scrapes and help keep you cool
  • Total Security: Lace closer and instep strap deliver precise fit and superior foothold for efficient power transfer during aggressive pedaling on technical trails
  • Efficient Pedaling Platform: Reinforced fiberglass midsole enhances pedaling efficiency and cushioning, keeping you comfortable even on the longest days in the saddle

Ready to Ride

First Look Shimano GE700 Shoes in the weeds

I’m excited to get these shoes out and about. I’ll be using the GE700s for regular old all-mountain-type trail use. I won’t be bombing downhill courses, and for sure will not be taking part in any crazy Red Bull-type shenanigans. I’m excited to give the shoes a good romping this Summer and see how the claimed features hold up. I’ll most likely be using these on the new Haro Saguaro 1 I’m bringing in for a nice, long-term review.

So, stay tuned here for the full review of the Shimano GE700s.


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