WTB already has some awesome tires for various gravel conditions, but it looks like another might be added soon. This hot patch-less tire was spotted on a Specialized Diverge, and it features a tread pattern that we haven’t seen before…

WTB Gravel Tire prototype spyshot

Built wit more substantial center tread blocks than the popular Riddler, the tight spacing indicates a fast rolling tire with more rubber at the contact patch—likely for increased durability. But all those working edges should also give the tire an excellent grip on mixed terrain.

WTB Gravel Tire prototype spyshot

The cornering knobs have a little more space between then, though they don’t look quite as big as those on the Riddler.

WTB Gravel Tire prototype spyshot

The lack of any hot patches made this tire blend in, but the ‘WTB Recommended Rim Width’ on the sidewall gives it away. This particular tread is a 700c x 40mm, which seems to mesh well with the idea of it being a fast gravel race tire.


No word on when or if it will launch any time soon, but we’ll keep you posted.



    • Zach Overholt on

      The hot patch is the label that’s printed on the side of a tire. Prototypes are often made without a hot patch in an attempt to prevent the tire from attracting attention. Hot patch-less = no hot patch.

  1. Stefan Vis on

    They do not realize that the Venture vectron Threading is the one they should double down on.
    In thick slick land, without knobbies, and in Ranger land with more uphill grip to the side.
    The Venture Ranger needs to be heavy walled so it can act as a sealantless tubeless tire with a lot of mileage, and capable of stopping 110 kg per tire for about 10.000 km. The 1.1 kg tubeless Adventure Ranger 2.80 tyre is perfect in my dreams.


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