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Store Your Hitch Rack with the Bikes Loaded on Everest Mount!

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The hitchrack is an easy and safe way to transport your expensive steeds. And while they’ve gotten better and chock full of features, storing it while it’s off of the car can be trying – especially in tight spaces. Well, Everest Home Organization, a company that seems to focus on organization products that “conquer life’s clutter” announces its new Everest Mount rack storage.

Everest Hitch Rack Wall Mount side
Photo c. Everest Home

The Everest Mount is a wall mount to get your trusty hitch rack up off of the ground and out of the way. It is designed with a 2″ receiver. There is a 1.25″ adaptor available. The Everest Mount also has a bottom loop on the base for accessories.

Everest Home claims that when the Everest Mount is installed using the walls studs, it will hold up to 310lbs. That’s what allows Everest to claim that the mount is strong enough to hold the rack with the bikes loaded. This of course assumes you have the room in your garage for a hitch rack full of bikes.

Everest Hitch Rack Wall Mount folding it

Folding the Everest Mount up, makes for a clean “out of the way” position when a bike rack isn’t being stored. There are no welded areas and it is made of an all-steel construction. Installation is easy with the supplied “non-strip, rugged structural screws”.

Everest Hitch Rack Wall Mount ghost rack
Everest Hitch Rack Wall Mount bike on rack on wall

Hanging your bike on the hitchrack while attached to the Everest Mount could make for a handy work stand as well.

Everest Home states that they follow these three guidelines when designing products;

  • Simple Setup: Easy-to-assemble home organization products that help you get back to the things that matter
  • Beautiful & Useful: Modern, space-saving designs that look great to get your home or garage organized
  • Long Lasting: truly versatile storage solutions that grow and evolve with active lifestyles

Everest Mount Retail

Retail: $82

Check out all of the home organization products from Everest Home by clicking the link below.


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1 year ago

Is this just a rendering as the only thing on their website is asking to collect personal information?

Fake Namerton
Fake Namerton
1 year ago

I bought a set of hooks at Home Depot for ten bucks that accomplishes the task equally as well as this. This is another cycling audiophile overpriced nonsense product.

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