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Strava Update Lets You Set Goals & Peer Pressure Yourself to Improve

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It’s a well known fact that if you want to accomplish something, it helps to tell people what you’re going to do. It creates a bit of accountability, which can very easily be translated into the good kind of peer pressure. That ultimately has a better chance of transforming into goals met.

Strava’s new Goals feature for premium subscribers lets you set goals and make them public (if you want). Friends or foes can even share your challenge and customize it to suit their abilities. Interested? More sample screenshots and the full PR below…

PRESS RELEASE: Progress goals and performance goals are two separate things. The former are about hitting exercise baselines—a target weight, hours in a week, miles in a month. The latter are about building on those baselines to perform better—making the leap from fit to athletic.

Strava’s new Performance Goals feature helps Premium members make that leap, set new personal records, and have fun while doing it. The customizable tool lets athletes target specific goals for getting faster and stronger by determining segment and power goals.

Runners and cyclists can now pick a favorite segment, scan the leaderboard for their target time, and create a goal. Cyclists with power meters are able to set power goals for popular time intervals such as 5 seconds, 1 minute, and 10 minutes.

“One of my favorite aspects of Performance Goals is how it incorporates your friends and fellow athletes,” says Alex Mather, Director of Product.

Strava Premium members have the ability to invite other athletes to “join” the segment and power goals they set. For example, if an athlete sets a 20-minute goal on a favorite segment, they can invite their friends to set the exact same goal or set their own custom goal for the same segment.

“Strava shows you all of your friends who have joined in on a particular goal you’ve set so you can work together or fuel each other to achieve your best performance ever,” says Mather.

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11 years ago

Just what I need more over equiped under experienced corporate commuters smashing records on the way to work on narrow bike paths.

11 years ago

Don’t focus on the bad: this is a fantastic feature which allows riders who may not be able to compete for KOMs on local climbs to establish realistic yet challenging goals for themselves then attain them and get public recognition for that fact. It inspires people to get fitter and ride more. That’s a great thing. I’ve not seen anyone setting goals for bike path segments.

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