Vee Rubber Taipei show Vans BMX tire (17)

In our haste to get the latest fat bike treads from Vee Rubber posted, we missed one other exciting new offerings which has nothing to do with fat bikes. This one goes out to the 20″ crowd, and likely those already sporting the ODI Van’s grips. As a perfect companion to said grips, Vee has teamed up with Vans to offer a new Waffle Tread BMX tire that’s sure to be a hit. Aimed at more of a BMX race tire, the model shown was a 20×2.35″ casing. Details were limited but expect this to hit stores later this year sold as a tire through Cult BMX.

Close up of the tread pattern after the break.

Vee Rubber Taipei show Vans BMX tire (16)

Waffle tread goodness.

taispons taipei bike show coverage 2014


  1. Chumley on

    Not to be that guy, but wouldn’t you want the BMX rider behind the tire to be sporting a pair of Vans and not clipless shoes? Just sayin’.


    Thats a Cult Protoype @CB
    Pro Cult and Vans bmx rider Dak Roche is the man behind the tire @Chumley

    Only for the 20’s at the moment


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