The all-new Thule Tepui Hybox Wedge rooftop tent is the first major new release since the brand was acquired by Thule in 2018. Prior to this, Tepui’s soft-shell tents are quite box-like, sitting rather un-aerodynamically on your vehicle’s roof. And while spacious, they also take a little bit more time to open up.

The new Thule Tepui Hybox Wedge solves for all that, as long as you only need to sleep, two people. It’s also a great solution for taller vehicles, like if you wanted to add a rooftop tent to your Sprinter or Transit.

thule tepui hybox is the most aerodynamic roof top tent for your vehicle and the easiest to open and use for camping

It’s their second hard shell tent. The original Hybox debuted last year with a vertical popup design. Pull the mattress out and you can use it as a rooftop storage box. Same for the Hybox Wedge, except that it uses an even faster clamshell design that hinges at the front and opens from the rear.

This should make it the easiest to use, fastest to setup, and the quietest. At just 12.5″ tall when closed, and with a smooth, rounded front end, it should reduce both drag and wind noise. This means better aerodynamics and better fuel economy for you.

thule tepui hybox is the most aerodynamic roof top tent for your vehicle and the easiest to open and use for camping

Tepui Hybox Wedge specs include:

  • 177lbs
  • 2-person
  • 84″ x 55″ x 12.8″ closed
  • 52″ height when open
  • 32 sq ft floor space (84″ x 55″)

tepui hybox hardshell rooftop tent for cars trucks vans and suvs

The Hybox Wedge has a 3-season 260g breathable cotton and 3000mm waterproof polyester mix of wall fabrics, plus mesh netting for airflow. Zip it on for camping, zip it off to turn the Hybox into a storage container.

The interior of the ABS-and-aluminum shell is felt lined and insulated both for noise and temperature. It includes a telescoping ladder and a foam mattress with a removable cotton cover.

Available starting June 2020, you can preorder now at REI or here (free store pickup) and through authorized Thule/Tepui dealers. Retail is $2,999.95. We have one coming in for review and will report back later this summer.

Learn more at

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2 years ago

So it’s like a normal tent that goes on the ground, but it goes on this rack on your truck, and it can’t go on the ground, and it costs $3,000.

Got it.

1 year ago

Overpriced just like everything these days. I’m thinking 3,000 bux is better spent elsewhere. You would think that if the price was affordable they would sell many more units. I, for one, will not be spending anything over 900 of my hard earned dollars on any roof top tent.

9 months ago

Looks nice yet overpriced and a bit small. I have a Smittybilt rooftop tent that I got two years ago from 4wheelonline. It is spacious and fairly easy to set up.