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TERN Releases Newly Reworked HSD Cargo Bike w/ Bosch Smart System

Tern HSD Cargo bike with dogPhoto c. Tern Bicycles
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Ditch the car and Haul Stuff Daily. That’s what urban mobility specialists, Tern Bicycles want you to do with the new, completely reworked Tern HSD compact cargo bike. This newly upgraded HSD is now equipped with the Bosch Smart System

Since its first appearance, back in 2019, the Tern HSD has helped families and businesses around the world replace their car trips with bike trips. The new HSD keeps its small stature and many convenient features but is now both stronger and smarter.

Tern HSD Cargo bike near water

The HSD is for the people who want the hauling capacity of a cargo bike, in a package that is much easier to ride and easier to handle“, stated Josh Hon, Tern Team Captain. “This new generation HSD adds improvements based on feedback we’ve collected from riders and our own team over the last 4 years. Plus, the new Bosch Smart System is a fantastic upgrade in pure power and also electronic smarts“.

The HSD is Just Right

Most traditional cargo-specific bikes are large, heavy and for some, tough to navigate. Whereas a typical “city” eBike is smaller, lighter, and easier to handle with the trade-off being that they don’t offer much in cargo capacity.

Tern HSD Cargo bike doing cargo stuff

HSD comes in and saves the day for the riders that want all of the benefits of a cargo bike in an easy-to-ride, compact package. Shorter than a regular city eBike, and capable of carrying a max gross weight of 397lbs (180kg), the HSD is just right.

Brains and Brawn

Tern HSD Cargo bike hauling a friend

Tern says that HSD’s new aluminum frame is 15% stiffer at the head tube and 39% stiffer at the bottom bracket. An upgraded rear rack has also been upgraded, and now can carry up to 176 lbs (80kg). That means you could carry an adult passenger, and that the HSD will ride smoother and handle better when hauling a heavy load.

Tern HSD Cargo bike Bosch Performance motor

With Bosch’s latest Performance Line motor, the new HSD delivers up to 50% more torque than the previous generation of HSD. That translates to easier climbing up hills, even when fully loaded.

Your Phone is Command Central

The Bosch’s new Smart System your smartphone becomes the hub to control all aspects of the HSD, from electronic locking and unlocking, to tuning the motor’s performance. You can also track your location, and update using over-the-air firmware updates.

Tern HSD Cargo bike Kiox Display-close up
Kiox Display close-up.

Then there’s the Flow app’s ability to track fitness data like calories, heart rate, and watts. You can also map your cycling routes while integrated with other apps like Strave or Komoot.

HSD S-Class models include the Bosch ConnectModule that provides enhanced security features, like motion sensors, a high decibel alarm, push notifications, and GPS location tracking.

Fitting your Needs

In addition to the new upgrades, your HSD still has all of the features that Tern cargo bikes are known for…

Tern HSD Cargo bike stores upright in small places
Verticle parking
  • Verticle parking: The HSD can stand upright, making it easier to go into elevators and small spaces like apartments.
Tern HSD Cargo bike trunk loading
  • FlatFold: Expanding your travel range, the HSD’s seat post lowers and handlebars fold to fit into an SUV or train compartment
Tern HSD Cargo bike DarkSage Cockpit
  • Adjustable cockpit: You can resize your HSD in seconds without tools, making adjusting to fit riders 4’11” to 6’5″ a breeze.
Tern HSD Cargo bike mom and child
  • Accessory Ecosystem: You can outfit your HSD with one or many of the wide range of modular accessories to match your specific needs.
  • Ready for business: The HSD is built to last and to carry heavy loads, making it a great alternative for businesses, whether as a delivery vehicle, part of a larger commercial fleet, or as a lil’ side hustle.

Safety First

Tern wants to ensure a reliable ride, day after day. So, the HSD is made to withstand the already demanding German standard for cargo bikes (DIN 79010:2020-02). All of the structural components as well as the frame and fork have been tested for durability and strength at EFBE Prüftchnik – one of Europe’s leading bicycle testing labs. Here, that uses a custom testing protocol that builds upon this standard but adds even stricter requirements.

The Bosch Motor System has also been tested and certified to the UL 2849 safety standard for protection against potential fire hazards.

Safety is so critically important with cargo bikes, especially if you are using them to carry your kids,” stated Hon. “Yet there are no mandatory cargo bike test standards—and we see lots of brands claiming really high loading weights. The best thing out there right now is the German Cargo Bike standard, and that’s why we’ve worked with EFBE to create custom tests for our bikes that are based on that new standard“.

Features, Models, and Colors

Tern HSD Cargo bike Rear brake light
  • RearStop Brake light: This light activates when you press on the brakes to slow to a stop. It remains on always, day or night.
Tern HSD Cargo bike headlight
  • Ignis Headlight: A 700-lumen light that casts a strong and wide beam providing extra visibility when riding after dark or in inclement weather. Also has a one-touch high/low beam, putting more light at your fingertips.
Tern HSD Cargo bike Suntour fork & disc brakes
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes: Superior braking is required when riding a bike with heavy loads, and the power of a good hydraulic brake system is a must.

Models and Specs

Tern HSD Cargo bike specs
HSD Models and spec


The New HSD Retail and Availability

The new HSD models start at $4299. Tern says prices may vary according to the region.

Production has already started with bikes arriving in Europe this Summer and in North America in the Fall, with other markets following.


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1 year ago

This is a fantastic cargo bike. Especially when outfitted with the Gates carbon belt drive. I’ve had zero issues in three plus years of owning one and it truly can replace a car as long as you are OK without the option to throttle it.

1 year ago

We need more cargo bike content! Also more affordable cargo bikes!

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