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The Sufferfest adds two new videos, offers free trial of Training Centre app

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With all the online virtual training worlds hitting The Cloud, the notion of a training video is becoming quaint. The Sufferfest’s iPad app pushes their videos into the future with features like real-time feedback, instant streaming of their complete catalog and even the ability to cache the vids for offline viewing. And, if you have a smart trainer or Bluetooth or ANT+ speed/cadence sensors, you can link your actual performance the video to better match your effort to what they prescribe. The app debuted in December with a $10-per-month subscription fee to access all of the videos, but now they’re letting you try it free for seven days.

That free trial period (just cancel before the first week is up if you don’t like it and there’s no charge) includes full access, including their two newest videos: Power Station and The Way Out

The Way Out is for base training, what they call the “sweet spot”. You know, the stuff you should be building all winter long but probably aren’t because it’s so darn cold and miserable outside? The workout is designed by Coach Sir Neal Henderson of BMC Racing and Apex Coaching as an hour-long effort just below threshold at different cadences. Says Coach Neal, “The benefit of training just below FTP is that you accumulate a fair amount of time there with minimal rest required. The recovery is more rapid compared to above threshold intensity workouts and there are great improvements in lactate clearance from training just below threshold…even more so than when training above it.”


It features riding through the French and Italian alps over such legends as Monte Zoncolan and the Iseran, with Michael Cotty of The Col Collective as your guide.

For those times when you need a little oomph on top of that base training, Power Station uses a series of low cadence, high effort hill intervals to develop strength.


This one takes you through the wringer on the Sufferlandrian Team to prove you’ve got what it takes. You may not get your cardio in like normal, but it should hurt nonetheless.

Both videos retail for $12.99 each to own, or just stream them through the app with a monthly sub.


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Andrew Hoffman
8 years ago

This is really a pretty great deal for winter training if you’re looking for something to keep you engaged for 45-90minutes. I don’t know enough about training plans to say how well they fit to specific needs, but for a cyclist looking for something to keep them engaged with minimal thought through the winter, $10/mo is a pretty good deal.

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