Notice anything different about this flat pedal? From this angle, it’s standout feature isn’t exactly visible, but the locknut design at the axle gives a hint.

The new Python uses a fully enclosed axle and bearing system, eliminating the bolt on the far end of the spindle found on virtually every other pedal design. This eliminates the opening, which means no water, dust or other contaminants can find their way in to muck things up.

But that’s not the only new pedal Funn Components had to show off, and other components joined the party, too…



It’s also impressively thin…


…yet has plenty of real estate for keeping your 5:10s safely aboard.


Their Bigfoot pedal gets thinner and loses the titanium axle in favor of chromoly. That adds back a bit of weight, but brings the cost way down.


The Mamba isn’t new, but we thought it’s dual or single sided SPD clip-in option was worth showing. You choose whether you want one side as a flat pedal only and the clip on the other, or have the clip-in mounted on both sides.


The new Fatboy Supreme is 290g for an 810mm bar that gets a hard anodized finish in gold or black. Available in 31.8 and 35 clamp diameters. Yes, they acknowledge the similar looks to Renthal’s bars, but say the only two colors that can be hard anodized are this same gold-ish and black.


The other bars remain available in their standard range of colors, though, which match up nicely to the updated stem. The stem gets a bit lighter and has a more detailed front plate. 45mm length, for 31.8 and 35 bars.


Their new narrow/wide chainring gets teeth that are just a hair thicker than normal for better chain retention.

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7 years ago

Correct me if I am wrong, but there would still need to be a seal on the inboard side of the pedal axle. It does eliminate a contamination point, but it still technically has 1 remaining.

7 years ago

So exactly the same as every shimano pedal (definitely the spd/spdsl/saints not sure about dx’s though)

Also it’s usually the inboard end that gets contaminated not the multiple thread overlapped end cap

7 years ago

@JBikes, from what i can see there is a seal of some kind on the inner side, most likely and o-ring seal… its probably not like shimano with two rows of cup/cone bearings… its probably more like Time and Look road pedals using a sealed cartridge bearing / bushing set up and a circlip on the axle to retain the bearing…

7 years ago

Yeah, but the color’s are cool…

7 years ago

I wish there were more distributors in the US. I love my FUNN handebars and stems. I’d like to use more of their products,bbut I’ve only found a couple offered through CRC.