Usually, fitting a triathlon bike into a travel case requires a fair amount of disassembly, which means an equal amount of reassembly at the destination. All jokes about a triathlete’s technical ability aside, the real issue is recreating the right fit and setup when putting the cockpit back together.

PremierBike solves this problem by making a bike and case together, allowing you to simply remove the wheels and seatpost, flip the aero extensions back, and close the case. There’s even room inside for a third wheel, letting you bring options should wind conditions be different than anticipated. But, all of that would be a mere gimmick if the bike didn’t look so well thought out…

The PremierBike Tactical triathlon bike features an abundance of aero integrations and designs that keep it streamlined but also allow a massive amount of adjustability.

The seatpost has a lot of vertical adjustment with printed marks that make it very easy for you to put it back into the exact same position. That’s topped off with a huge range of horizontal adjustment, too. The seat clamp head’s rear bolt sits in a slotted groove that allows for seat angle adjustment.

Up front is a chip system in the fork’s dropout that lets you adjust the effective rake and front center.

The rear dropouts allow several millimeters of adjustment, too, letting you use different size tires and still tuck it completely into the shrouded seat tube. Above that is a full integrated aero tool box. Here’s how it all comes together:

…and here’s how it all comes apart:

Just unbolt the aero extensions and flip them back, leaving the bullhorns handlebar in place and still set at the angle you like. OK, so maybe you need to take your pedals off, too.

Two wheels nest into the other side of the clamshell, and a third is hidden behind the bike’s frame. Close it all up and secure it with the built-in, TSA-approved combo lock:

The PremierBike Tactical comes complete with frame, adjustable cockpit with extension tilt, integrated center-pull brakes, Ultegra Di2, Disk Wheel, 88 mm front wheel, Pioneer Power Meter, Continental GP 4000 II tires, optimized chain, rear storage and Hard Travel Case for $5,500.00. Complete bike weight is claimed at 18.1lb, and the case is 24lb empty. They also have a Sponsored Athlete Program for all customers as well as a professional fit allowance after the sale.


  1. i on

    pricing is almost in “too good to be true” territory. I have no need for a Tri bike, but the idea and bike are impressive for a very reasonable price (assuming the frame is sound, which we have no way of knowing).
    If you’re buying a dedicated tri bike, you plan to travel with it, and packing one is usually a big pain…

    • Dan Kennison on

      I know that each airline has their own rules so my experience may be different than others.

      I have made about 15 flights with the case over the past year.

      I was only charged a fee once “American Airlines $75.00 each way. I have not been charged on Delta, Frontier, Southwest or United.

      International carriers have never charged me.

      Ten days ago I went from Chicago to Taiwan and back. Southwest Airlines to LA from Chicago, China Airlines LA Taiwan and back and no charge on either airline. They asked me what was inside and I said “Carbon Fiber racing bike”. On all the other flights I was not charged and they did not even ask what was inside.


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