TPE17: Vee Tire Co. adds big, sticky Flow Snap plus mountain bike tires & more

Shown on the right, the new Flow Snap plus tires are coming this summer to help you rip the trails apart with traction. They’ll come in 29×2.6 and 27.5×2.6 and weigh in around 950g with 2-ply 120tpi casing. They put that casing on all of their plus sized tires to better reinforce the sidewalls against snake bites.

They’ll be introducing this size with their Enduro Core and Tackee Dual Compound rubber. They’ve already got the Flow Snap tread pattern in a 29×2.35 and 27.5×2.4, the latter of which also comes in a Gravity Core casing option.

The Flow Snap 2.6 widths hit the U.S. in June for aftermarket, available now for OEM.

The Crown Gem recently got their Silica Compound rubber. That mix was originally used for their fat bike tires because it helps in the snow. Now they’ve found it works really well for these tires, too, because it reduces rolling resistance and it helps keep the treads more flexible and stable in all temperatures, particularly the cold.

The Synthesis Sidewall (available in black and the skinwall shown) is a woven nylon outer layer over the regular casing, adds cut and snake bite resistance, and also adds stability when riding with lower pressure.

Not shown, the Rail Tracker 29×2.25 gets a new skinwall option. Above, the new Rail Escape is designed to pair with it on the front for fast marathon racing. It comes with either their dual compound 48a/56a or Tackee 48a rubber for better grip.

Vee says their tires are designed for modern wider rims, so their shape should be correct with wider rims. Their catalog makes recommended rim widths for each tire size, too.

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cracked frame
cracked frame
5 years ago

It’s always nice to have tons of tire options.

Ryan S.
Ryan S.
5 years ago

Love having so many choices for tires. I do wish companies would resist the temptation or trend of slapping their marketing specs ON the tire; it’s starting to look like a NASCAR fender. Imagine if your automobile tires and rims said “60,000 MILES” and “EXPANDING RAIN GROOVES” or “On-/Off-Road All-Terrain” in high contrasting colors that clash with the aesthetics of your car. You’d be pissed, or not buy the tires.