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Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainers get tilting AXIS feet for natural rocking motion, and more!

kickr axis feet allow indoor cycling trainer to have rocking motion
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Wahoo just announced the newest version of their KICKR smart trainer which has some cool new features. More importantly, one of the more interesting features is actually backwards compatible for existing KICKR trainers. Of course, if you don’t already own one, you’ll get the latest and greatest with the new 5th Gen KICKR AXIS.

Wahoo KICKR AXIS adjustable foot pod system

To make the ride feel more realistic, Wahoo has added their AXIS foot system to the new trainer. But rather than completely changing the frame of the KICKR, Wahoo figured out a way to add up to 5° of tilt to each side by just changing the foot pods. That means you’ll be able to purchase the AXIS feet separately for $79.99 and add them to existing KICKR Trainers (not compatible with KICKR CORE or SNAP).

Each AXIS foot pod has three different stiffness options – easy, medium, or hard, to tune the amount of motion to your riding style. This supposedly offers a more realistic ride feel with side to side movement, and may even help you train more effectively by using more of the muscles you’d use while riding outside.

Wahoo Kickr Axis trainer

For those of you that don’t already own a KICKR, or want the most accurate version, the new 5th Gen KICKR AXIS is the best yet. Thanks to a proprietary new auto-calibration process, the accuracy improves from +/-2% to +/- 1%. This is all done without the need for the spin down process. Note that at +/-1%, this is now even more accurate than their new KICKR Bike.

Wahoo Kickr AXIS mountain bike trainer use

Otherwise, the KICKR remains the same high end option in their rear wheel trainer lineup with a 16lb flywheel, 2200 W max power, and 20% max incline. Designed to replace the rear wheel, the trainer is compatible with 130 and 135mm QR frames, and 12 x 142 and 12 x 148mm thru axle frames as well. The KICKR includes an 11-28t 11 speed cassette, and is compatible with 8, 9, and 10 speed cassettes as well.

Wahoo Kickr product grid

Available now, the KICKR AXIS sells for $1,199.99, and is compatible with the entire Wahoo indoor training ecosystem including the KICKR CLIMB, KICKR HEADWIND, and KICKR DESK. Time to get ready for those long winter months…


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3 years ago

Sooooo; essentially ripping off Kurt Kinetic Rock-n-Roll?

3 years ago
Reply to  advcyclist

No, more ripping off the DIY builders that made mods like this years ago. We’ve been removing the leveling feet from the legs and replacing with various springs (tennis balls, foam blocks, inflatable balls, etc.) for years.

It works reasonably well, even better if you add a proper fulcrum under the actual center of the bike (the middle leg is offset to the left) and avoid the “blocky” nature of the wider rear support. So, if Wahoo copied anyone, it’s those of us who shared them on my rocker plate group on FB.

Not to mention that the minimal amount of moment shown with the Axis feet is well short of the function seen in the Rock & Roll trainer and most other rocker plates. So this Axis option is better than a fully rigid setup, with an aim to increasing comfort. I am sure that will work in that light, based on my testing. But this is no replacement for a more flexible and function rocker plate.

George T.
George T.
3 years ago

Seems like a good thing. Not a ripoff. I appreciate that they are offering this as an upgrade. Thanks Wahoo for making my investment event better.

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