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Wahoo signals Turn by Turn update for ELEMNT GPS

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With any new electronic device there are bound to be some early hiccups, but that’s what updates are for. Now, with the latest firmware update for the Wahoo ELEMNT, one of the best new GPS computers is getting even better. While the ELEMNT has delivered on many of its promises like being extremely easy to use and read while riding, other features like the ability to follow turn by turn directions were lacking. Thanks to the WF42-628 update that is changing – as long as you use RideWithGPS. We’re assuming as the device continues to evolve the ability to use other programs will be added, but for now the RideWithGPS program is the only one that will be supported by the ELEMNT’s system.

In addition to showing the street names and distances on the screen for the next turn, the ELEMNT will also use its built in LED lights to signal left or right turns at the top of the GPS. This is just one out of a laundry list of new features and fixes added to the ELEMNT, so if you’ve run into an issue with the new unit, chances are good it has been addressed. Check out the full list of included updates and patches for the ELEMNT after the break…

Wahoo ELEMNT Update WF42-628 – 15th June 2016


  • Added support for Turn by Turn navigation (RideWithGPS only)
  • Improvements to Route following especially out and back routes
  • Added support for up to 6 data fields on map workout page
  • After selecting a route it now goes straight back to the map view
  • Added a new “Selected” route view with full cue sheet if available
  • Added ability to sort routes by date, proximity and starred
  • Fixed issue of deleted routes not clearing from ELEMNT


  • Added notification if moving but have not started a workout
  • Added support powering off your ELEMNT mid-workout
  • Added option to delete workout if under time/distance thresholds
  • Scroll through workout history on ELEMNT


  • Added support for mixed units. e.g distance miles, temp deg C, elevation in metres
  • Added support for connecting to hidden Wifi networks (using SSID/password)
  • Added support for manually switching between known Wifi networks with companion app
  • Added support for showing SSIDs longer than 16 characters
  • Added low storage warning

Sensor Support

  • Added support for configuring gear ratios (from companion app)
  • Improved support for PowerTap P1 and Polar Look power meters
  • Added support for PowerCal
  • Fixed issue of Normalized Power spikes
  • Added clock drift compensation for sensor device clocks
  • Fixed issue with sensor info in FIT file all having manufacturer set to Wahoo
  • Added support for a single front gear (Shifting profile)

UI/UX Tweaks

  • Optimized power calibration by skipping “prepare” page
  • Fixed menu selection not visible when backing out of menus
  • Fixed issue with P1 battery status showing incorrect labels
  • Remove battery status for KICKR devices
  • Added firmware information to sensor info page
  • Fixed issue with battery information not updating if status page is open
  • Other bug fixes and enhancements

For a full list of previous updates and fixes, head over to Wahoo’s site.

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Ray Freitag
6 years ago

Too big form factor. Otherwise would trade my 520 for it now.

.: raizo :.
.: raizo :.
6 years ago
Reply to  Ray Freitag

Yup. If it was the size of the 520 I’d swap in a heartbeat. Wahoo seems to actually listen to customer feedback as is always looking to improve their product in a timely fashion unlike Garmin who always just seems to be resting on their laurels.

Marcin Kucab
6 years ago
Reply to  Ray Freitag

I trade my 520edge for it after I face 110mb to upload map and I miss 3mb for striped map of partly Denmark/COPENHAGEN to Austria/ Vuenna. I waste 2 nights on it and was enough. Have good garmin live.

6 years ago

I’m really liking my Elemnt so far. This update makes it even better. I have tried the TBT this afternoon and it works great. This update is just in time for a planned ride I have on Saturday!

6 years ago

Or……..I could just use maps on my phone.

.: raizo :.
.: raizo :.
6 years ago
Reply to  ascarlarkinyar

Yup. If you want the best mobile cycling maps experience without power/wattage then a Quadlock mount on the stem with your phone, a Speedsleev on the top tube holding a quick charger battery pack with short cable and an extra quick charger pack in the jersey is the way to go. Way better than any head unit.

6 years ago
Reply to  .: raizo :.

instead of buying a quality mount for the phone (50-100 bucks), uglify the top tube with a Speedsleev for the battery pack, and 1-2 battery packs for multi hour rides, you might as well spend 50 bucks more and get a dedicated and clean solution.

Marcin Kucab
6 years ago
Reply to  Irgendwer

Let them be stupid I want to pass a guy one day with quad lock and drained battery pack asking me for direction. Don’t waste your energy on them 🙂 beside touch screen go crazy when you sweet over it. Let them go loco! 🙂

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