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Wear Your Bike Like a Backpack w/ Restrap’s New Hike-a-Bike Harness

Restrap Hike-A-Bike Harness in use with cyclist close upPhoto c. Restrap
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Sometimes you just have to get off and push. Technical bikepacking gear specialists, Restrap know this, so they’ve launched a brand new outdoor product they’re sure you’ve never seen before. It’s a new way to carry your steed on super rough terrain… introducing the new Hike-A-Bike harness.

This product is aimed at riders who love heading out on trails that are rugged, with long un-ridable, hike-a-bike sections where the bike may need to be carried up very steep grades or over unrideable terrain.

Restrap Hike-A-Bike Harness ready to carry
Photo c. Restrap

Restrap says that the Hike-A-Bike Harness is a quick and easy fit to most bikes, giving the ability to go from riding your bike to carrying your bike and back again a snap. When the rider has the bike strapped to the harness, it allows your hands to be free for balance or moving obstacles.

When it is tucked away on the top tube, it remains out of the way and will not interfere with your riding. It uses adjustable mounting points allowing the lightweight design to be custom tailored to fit your bike.

The harness is made of durable TPU coated Nylon and finished with a vegan-friendly PU Restrap label and comes with two retention straps and a long fast strap to secure the front wheel.

Restrap Hike-A-Bike Harness in use outside
Photo c. Restrap

Hike-A-Bike Harness Features and Retail

Retail; $79.99

  • Quick and easy harness to fit most bikes
  • Go from riding to carrying and back in a matter of seconds
  • Allows you to walk up tough hike-a-bike terrain, hands-free and well balanced
  • Doesn’t get in the way while riding
  • Breathable padded section which keeps the bike comfortable on your shoulders
  • Adjustable mounting points using super-strong modified Fast Straps to tailor the fit to most bikes
  • Extra long Fast Strap included to hold the front wheel in line, to prevent swing.
  • Made from waterproof TPU-coated Nylon.
  • Weight: 235g

Check it out and other goodies by hitting the link below.


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King County
King County
11 months ago

This is a niche item for sure, but I can see it has it’s place. This could be good if you want to get to a biking spot with a small child, but the route to get there is too advanced for the kid. Put him or her on a front child carrier or trailer, put their bike on your back, and once at the destination the kid can ride his/her bike.

11 months ago

This is genuinely creative! I haven’t seen much creativity in the bike industry lately but this is legitimately a good product for those who need it.

11 months ago

If you have a small frame or a sloping top tube you’re gonna get a crank to the lumbar aren’t you?

Bob Forgrave
11 months ago

I could see that working especially well with a full-size folding bike, such as a folding mountain bike. It opens your range of hiking options on the way up.

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