Popular online cycling platform, Zwift, announced that their National Championship will return on February 24, 2019. The second annual event will host both men’s and women’s competition on the Watopia 18.4 mile (29.8km) Figure 8 Loop. If you want to represent your country and compete for global glory from the comfort of your own indoor trainer, we’ll cover all the details.


Zwift National Championship 2019

We’re no strangers to Zwift, and they’ve been busy expanding with new formats, courses, and even a pro cycling league. With a successful 2018 National Championship event under their belt, they’re returning for 2019 – in less than two weeks.

Here are the details straight from Zwift:

“The course selected to host the 2019 Zwift National Championships is Watopia’s 18.4 mile (29.8km) Figure 8 Loop. Both Men’s and Women’s races will complete two laps of the rolling course with a race distance, including run-in, of 36.5 miles (58.8km) and 1535ft (468m) of climbing. Races will be staged across multiple time zones, with individual country championship titles available based on each champion’s race license.”


You can enter if you follow the rules, with the following nations competing:

  • Great Britain – British Cycling eRacing Championship Qualifier
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Netherlands presented by KNWU (Royal Dutch Cycling Union)
  • Norway
  • Belgium
  • Sweden presented by SCF (Swedish Cycling Federation)
  • South Korea
  • Denmark presented by DCU (Danish Cycling Federation)
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Poland

*As with all regular national championship events, entrants must enter the championship
corresponding to their registered race license nationality, rather than country of residence.

Tour de Zwift recap

Zwift just closed out their annual Tour de Zwift event, with nearly 120,000 folks (including 34 professional athletes) from all around the world participated in this multi-stage event. It takes place from Jan 3 through to the makeup days in the first weekend of February. This year, it included nine stages across all five Zwift maps, with a variety of routes within those worlds.

To put some numbers behind it, Stage One saw 43,182 Zwifters complete it, which is equivalent to 198 Tour de France pelotons in one stage. In order to accommodate multiple time zones, Zwift ran a total of 468 separate events for the nine stages.


24,758 Zwifters completed all 9 Stages, with over 8 million miles covered in total. Perhaps the most impressive stat is that a total of 297,224,138 were burned during the event, shedding untold pounds of holiday weight. To learn more about Tour de Zwift or sign up for the upcoming National Championship, check out Zwift at the link below.




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