The Hive also had their Fifteen G single speed and triple cranksets on display.  They, like everything else outside, were a little dusty, but showed their lines well.  What was particularly interesting about these were the proprietary DIN interface.  Check out the green spindle…it has a rounded triangular shaped “spline” where the crank rests.  It’s not actually tapered at all.  The crank slides on with 100% contact, then the bolt threads in until it stops.  Voila, tight crank.

What else?  It’s a 30mm diameter spindle (like BB30 only different, as they like to say).  So how does that fit on a normal bike?  With their external bottom bracket, of course, which you can see along with specs and pricing when you hit “more”


Their bottom bracket uses big bearings for smooth spinnin’ and allows you to run a stiff 30mm spindle on a normal mountain bike frame.  It’ll fit standard 68 and 73mm bottom bracket shells.


The Fifteen G triple crankset has an MSRP of $350 w/ BB and Tool.  It weighs 711g.  The Single Speed crank costs $300 w/ BB and Tool and weighs 666g.  The bottom bracket adds 91g to each.

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