relaj-bicycle-water-bottleRelaj just sent word about a new bicycle water bottle they’re kicking off at Interbike.

It’s main claim to (potential) fame is the fact that you can drink from it while retaining your aero postition (top inset image…click to enlarge the entire graphic) by angling the spout so you can tip the bottle, not your head, which supposedly helps you keep your eyes on the road, too.

Aiding this are the non-slip grips and flexible silicone nozzle, letting the bottle be tipped higher without having to bend your head as much as with a fully rigid bottle.

That blue thing is a refreezable “iCycle” insert that attaches to the bottom of the bottle to keep your drink chilled.

How do you attach it to the bottom of the bottle?  Well, you unscrew the bottom to quickly and easily add your liquid of choice (and drink mix) through the much wider opening.

Rounding out the feature set are the facts that it’s BPA-free, dishwasher safe, dripless spout valve so it won’t leak even when open, and a twist-open/close spout that’s removable for easy cleaning.

No MSRP or volumes were provided, but their PR says it’ll hold more than a normal bottle.  Website is coming soon at


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