2012 Syncros FL Carbon 29er mountain bike wheelset with 1492g claimed weight

Knowing I’m a 29er fan, Ritchey/Syncro’s marketing and brand guys Sean and Angelo called me over with a big smile on their face, and that upside down frown was well justified. Syncro’s new FL Carbon 29er wheels look really, really good on paper and in person, and with a sub-1500g weight and a price about half of Easton’s EC90 29er carbon wheelset, they may just be the “everyman’s” carbon wheeled option.

And for those that said Ritchey should go big or go home, well, they’ve gone big. Roll past the break for all the details…

2012 Syncros FL Carbon 29er wheelset has wide tubeless ready carbon fiber rims

The 29er versions are spec’d identically to the 26″ models released about a year ago, except that now they’re specifically stating they’re tubeless compatible (presumably with different rim strips), and if the signage below is to be believed, they’ve dropped $500 in price. Rim is a broad 25mm with 28 spokes front and rear.

The wheelset uses Syncros’ FL hubs. Unlike the Centerlock mount on many of the lightweight Ritchey wheelsets, these thankfully use the more common 6-bolt rotor mount. Front will be available with either 9mm QR or 15mm thru axle.

2012 Syncros FL Carbon 29er mountain bike wheelset specs and pricing

I love signs like these. They save me so much typing.

2012 Syncros FL Carbon 29er mountain bike wheelset carbon fiber rim technology and molding process details

The wheels don’t have a firm release date yet, they’re still in testing. We’ll update as we hear more.

Ritchey 29er Shield XC mountain bike tire

With all the comments on the announcement of their new 26″ tires, Ritchey knew they needed a bigger tire. The new 29×2.1 Shield comes in at a claimed weight of 590g, and they should be avaialble this summer for $69.95.


  1. Does tubeless ready mean UST or Stans like where you can run non UST with sealant? Hoping the latter, nice to see a carbon wheel at that price point.

    Like the width too.

  2. Conventional spokes. No need to virtually take the wheel apart to make a spoke tension adjustment. Very promising stuff. The only thing that would make the premise better is if they would sell us 32h rims for those of us who prefer to roll our own.

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