2012 Zipp Beyond Black stealth color option for Service Course components

For 2012, Zipp Speed Weaponry will offer a new Beyond Black finish (foreground) available on all Service Course SL parts, which gives them a stealthy laser etched logo rather than their standard white (background). They’ll include anodized dark gray Ti bolts, too. Same price as regular. The color scheme conveniently matches up with SRAM’s Red Black group so you can put together a totally murdered out ride without ever leaving the SRAM family.

Beyond colors, they have a new short-reach bar and several new and revised seat posts, right after the break…

2012 Zipp Service Course CSL short reach handlebar

The new Service Course CSL contour short reach handlebar. It has just a 70mm reach and 128mm drop on all four widths. Weight is 290g. It has a flat top like their regular Carbon Contour SL bar, and it’s available in a Beyond Black option as well.

New 0mm offset seatposts for the SC and SC SL lines (center two posts).

The SL Speed is an all new carbon seatpost with 20mm offset (right hand side on both pics above). It comes in at a claimed 185g for the 330×27.2, also available in a 31.6 diameter. Top caps are available in white or red, but they’re purely cosmetic.

Combined with their long, rounded top clamp, all of their posts offer about 20mm of horizontal adjustment because it has a lot of rearward support for the seat rail.

Also check out their new 303 Firecrest wheels shown at Eurobike here.


  1. “New 0-degree offset seatposts for the SC and SC SL lines (center two posts).”

    Aren’t seatpost offsets most commonly measured in mm not degrees?

    “Top caps are available in white or red, but their purely cosmetic.”

    There’s a difference between “there”, “their”, and “they’re”.

  2. WannaBeSTi – If you call yourself an editor professionally, don’t you think you should (correctly) edit what you write and publish?

  3. Yep, thanks. The original notes were typed on an iPhone, which likes to mess with my flow when pecking at a furious pace. Correcting now.

  4. To the grammar nazi’s: This isn’t the NYT. It’s free and a few misspellings here and there won’t kill you. So just chill out y’all.

  5. Gillis: You’re right, it won’t kill anyone. But, if you’re producing a news-based website, driven by written and photographic content, don’t you think you’d want it to be the best it can be?

  6. Brandon is right. I couldn’t agree more. And another common mistake that infuriates me is “its” / “it’s”:

    “The handlebar is wide enough for more riders but it’s drop won’t satisfy everyone.” (not from bikerumor though)

    I go ballistic when I see such things. So, Brandon is right.

  7. Someone – “Entitled”? No. But really, you don’t see an issue with an editor publishing content that has grammatical and spelling errors? Publishing a tech-based blog with incorrect information reported? No? That’s fine if you don’t have an issue with it, but it’s very unprofessional.

    I love reading BikeRumor, and follow it regularly. But it kills me to see the errors that have become more and more regular.

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