new continental revolution protection tubeless ready mountain bike tires and matching sealant that is ammonia free and environmentally responsible

Continental is finally officially getting into the tubeless game. We’ve run their tires with good and OK results using Stan’s sealant over the past couple years, but Conti’s never endorsed their mountain bike tires for tubeless use.

Part of the hold up was finding a sealant they liked, and eventually they just developed their own called Revo Sealant.

Sealant is a 240ml bottle for $10 and was developed by a major chemical company. There’s no latex, no proteins and no ammonia, so it’s earth and skin friendly. Uses four different size particles that are shaped like strands that get “threaded” through cuts and punctures up to 6mm.

Designed for road and mountain, even tubular tires as insurance.

It’ll work with any brand tire, but was developed specifically for their new RTR (Revolution Tubeless Ready) Protection line. Those tires will come in 26″ and 29er sizes in four trea patterns. 650B tires will come in the fall. It’ll e on the Race King, X-King, Trail King and Mountain King.

The RTR line is now at the top end of the versions offered. There’s the lightweight Race Sport that’s not tubeless compatible, then regular Protection that’s UST and now the RTR that are about 25% lighter than regular Protection because they do away with an extra layer of butyl rubber. All sizes and treads are $64.95. Click through for claimed weights…

These are from Conti for their 26×2.2 tires:

  • Race King Protection Revolution Tubeless Ready (RTR) 550-grams
  • X-King (Cross King) Protection Revolution Tubeless Ready (RTR) 570-grams
  • Trail King Protection Revolution Tubeless Ready (RTR) 638-grams
  • Mountain King Protection Revolution Tubeless Ready (RTR) 650-grams


  1. Anyone try these tires out yet? I’ve used the race sport’s tubeless in the past successfully, but usually with a couple weeks of riding and inflating daily until it starts to hold. Sounds like these are the way to go. Are they shipping out yet?

  2. This is really confusing, and I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of what Continental is doing for the past couple of weeks, but they really messed up by changing their naming conventions… I don’t want the lighter sidewalls of the “old” Racesport tires (which were tubeless compatible), since I’ve torn a few sidewalls on Continental tires. The way this article reads, I’m assuming there are 3 different versions now?

    Racesport (lighter sidewall, and no longer tubeless compatible?)
    Protection (now tubeless compatible with the beefier protection sidewall?)
    Protection RTR (tubeless ready with a lighter version of the protection sidewall?)

    I even recently e-mailed Continental to try and get some clarification, but haven’t received a response.

  3. Conti never answers. I emailed them as employee about car tires and not a single response.
    Try calling Highway2 -US rep.

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