Do you know what all the un-coordinated kids have been dreaming about as they longingly gaze at their friends hooning their clapped out department store bikes? A four wheeled, American made, 40 lb monster, with 8″ of travel!

The video says it almost all. Fast forward a minute to watch the beast in action. By beast, I mean the rider, he throws a little bar tweak and triples that first set of rollers like he could do it all day on a 20″ rigid two wheeled contraption.

Sure, haters will poke fun at the concept (myself included), but it may find a niche for those interested in taking their bungling buddies off the beaten track.

No word on whether they’re considering 650B wheels as a standard option, but you can order one configured for a gamut of disciplines including BMX, Downhill, or XC. Check past the break for the geometry, weight, and options.

Contes Engineering also makes frames for those who want to adventure  in a more nondescript fashion. They have a full range of fancy disc rotors in the works and have a production run of their Theophany BMX Frames  will soon be available.

Contes Engineering Prototype BMX Franes


  1. OMG I want this so bad! I swear last ‘cross season I saw this floating around at the Alpenrose Cross Crusades race and couldn’t find out anymore about it. Not sure if it was the same one or not, but either way I want it!!!

  2. This is not a ridiculous as it seems…I met Blair Jones who uses something very similar to shred at whistler because he is bound to a wheel chair on other days….heres the link to his youtube video on his contraption.

  3. Im not asking much, but can some make a good fork for BMX bikes that you can mount a brake on?
    i dont care if its disk, rim, or through axle, just at least one good fork that works with brakes.

  4. @Wes

    That was an awesome video! Tara Llanes (kind of a personal hero) shreds on something very similar.

    I personally can’t see the quad being fun for more than 10 minutes. I don’t understand the benefits over a conventional DH rig because there’s just more things to go wrong.

    My main concern is that people see a four wheeled rig, like a quad, and assume it must be easier to ride. You don’t have to balance it so it must be safer! Wrong. Quads are incredibly dangerous because of their tendency to overturn. This is just my bias because of my experience riding dirt bikes. I don’t want to talk your ear off about the subject, but if you’re interested in learning more, chat up a dirt bike riding friend or check this article out:

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