Mercury Wheels showed us a range of new products and one very exciting prototype carbon rim that’s being designed and built in the USA.

For the aero crowd, the new S3 and S5 clinchers are built with the same convex bulging rim shape as their tubulars. Rim width is 23.5mm wide external. They’re 30mm and 55mm deep, and they’ll have an 80mm, too. Chris Mogridge, Mercury’s president, says you can run them tubeless, too, that he’s run them with Hutchinson’s Road Tubeless tires with no problems.

Roll past the break for the bigger (lighter) news…


The new S-Zero carbon tubulars will have 25mm wide and 30mm deep rims. Wheelset should come in right at 1,100 grams with CX Rays and Mercury hubs. Rim weight should be between 288g and 300g, and they’ve been running these for cyclocross, too. Available now, retail is $2,699.

We’ve been riding a pair of Mercury’s tubular road wheels for almost two years with zero issues, and the S-Zero’s use the same hubs. The 1190g weight shown here is with non-spec DT double butted spokes, production will be lighter.


The S-Zero rim profile. These are meant to be the more affordable offering to the sub-900g M-Zero, which uses Dash’s carbon hubs.


This is a new superlight 26mm wide carbon clincher cyclocross hub rim that’s being made in Boulder, CO, by Dash Components. Weight is just 296g for the tubeless ready clincher. It’s disc brake specific. This is the first prototype, they’re starting production late in the year. Pricing to be determined. They’ll also have a mountain bike version to follow, it’ll be a bit beefier and likely come in around 360g. Here’s another shot:

The Dash guys were on hand, too, and seemed pretty excited about this and other projects they’re working on. We’re looking forward to some big things from them over the next couple years.


  1. I don’t understand, the new S-Zero’s are supposed to be “A more affordable option” to the M-Zero’s, but they are only $100 cheaper? I would pay the additional amount and take the 900 gram set any day.

  2. the rim profile of the new dash rim looks similar to specialed’s new (cheaper) carbon tubeless rim. No bead. Interesting design, makes sense to me, but I think it will be a bear to get tires mounted – the rim bed is probably the same diameter, but the sidewall looks taller so the tire won’t fall/pop off.

  3. what the heck is a “26mm wide carbon clincher cyclocross hub” are we hooking tires straight onto the hub and forgoing spokes and rims now? or another famous BR edit job?

  4. @RockT
    BR is about getting info out as quickly as they can.

    If you want good copy-editing, then subscribe to Bicycling magazine and wait a year or so until they cover these…if they ever even do.

    I think we all figured out he said hub and meant rim, nbd.

  5. @psi^2
    probably have some “proprietary heat barrier” like a layer of fiberglass scrim, like easton and reynolds and whoever.

  6. Hey Mercury, take those stickers off the rim bed. We can all see you are charging Zipp level prices for Gigantex open mold rims that anybody can buy.

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